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Zuidas – Facts and Figures

Zuidas – Facts and Figures

Zuidas – literally, the “southern axis” – is a metropolitan area situated roughly midway between the Amsterdam city centre and Schiphol Airport and nature reserves Nieuwe Meer en Amstel. With its high concentration of businesses, public institutions and housing, this is a dynamic new part of the Dutch capital. Already a high-profile international business district and a centre of research and education, Zuidas is now evolving into a fully-fledged urban hub – a place to live, work and play. At the end of 2019, it will also see work start on the most important infrastructure project in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: Zuidasdok.

Zuidas is a metropolitan area covering approximately 185 hectares not counting Zuidasdok (red frame).

Since January 2018 Zuidas has added a new sub-area called Verdi (blue frame). This will make Zuidas 245 hectares

Zuidas is at the widest 1,14 km and 750 m at its narrowest. Total length Zuidas 3.5 km

  • Multifunctional area: offices, homes and amenities
  • Amenities such as: Vrije Universiteit (Free University), Amsterdam University Medical Center, RAI conference center, Zuid railway station, about 40 cafes/restaurants, 10 educational institutions, 10 kindergartens,  4* hotels, etc.


  • Up to 2030 more than 1 million m2 in offices, homes and amenities will be realized.
  • Quantity ultimately delivered: 3,400,000 m2.
    • Office space: 290,000 m2 yet to be constructed (yielding a total of 1,200,000 m2)
    • Homes: 585,000 m2 yet to be constructed (yielding a total of 895,000 m2)
    • Amenities: yet to be constructed: 340,000 m2 (yielding a total of 1,300,000 m2)
Kees Winkelman

Business District


  • Approximately 750 companies and approx. 43,700 working people
  • Vacancy rate of approx. 4.3% (April 2017)
  • Sector companies: 19,3% financial services, 14% business related services, 12% ICT, 7,4 % Energy, 4,8% life sciences and health, 42,5% diverse (InBusiness 2017)
  • Companies’ countries of origin: 33,2% from the Netherlands, 19,7% from the USA, 11,8% Japan, 8,7% UK, 2,9% China, 2,8% Turkey, 2,1% Germany, 2% India, 16,7% Other (InBusiness 2017)
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Free University): 25,000 students, nearly 3,000 academic staff
  • 50 Bachelor’s programmes and 150 Master’s programmes
  • The following Offices and Amenities were completed in 2017:
    • Circl, ABN-AMRO (3,000 m2 gfa)
    • Atrium (expansion with approx. 30.000 m2 gfa office and amenities/parking)
    • Noma House(16.000 m2 gfa)
  • The following Offices and Amenities were completed in 2018:
    • Bicycle parking Strawinsky, (underground, 3500 parkingspots)
    • Car parking Ravel (underground sportpark ‘Goed Genoeg’, 360 parkingspaces)
    • Edge Olympic (expansion approx. 000 m2 gfa)
    • Goede Doelen Loterijen (renovation & expansion: 4.000 m2 mix use)
  • Office buildings and Amenities under construction in 2018
    • Van der Valk hotel (approx. 19.000 m2 gfa completion 2019)
    • Valley (approx. 58.000 m2 gfa, completion 2021)
    • Rietveld Academie (expansion approx. 5000 m2)
    • Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouwen (New University buildings) (approx. 30.000 m2)
    • VU Imaging Center (approx. 15.000 m2, completion 2019 )
    • Nhow Amsterdam Rai hotel (650 kamers, ca 35.000 m2, completion 2019)
    • Hourglass (25.000 m2 office incl 15.500 Loyens & Loeff, 115 apartment hotel, ca 10.000)
  • Tenders in 2018
    • November: Kenniskwartier – Eastern Developmentfield 2a
  • Selection of international companies in Zuidas:
    • Accenture
    • JLL
    • Hay GroupRoland Berger
    • BCG
    • CBRE
    • Cushmann & Wakefield
    • Deloitte
    • Loyens & Loeff
    • Spencer Stuart
    • Hogan Lovells
    • Cognizant
    • Suitsupply
    • Google
    • Infosys
    • JC Decaux
    • Edelman
    • Freshfields
    • J.P. Morgan
    • Savills
    • AkzoNobel
    • MUFG Bank
    • ABN AMRO
    • Michael Paige
    • Henkel
    • Fonterra
    • EY
    • Optiver
    • Embraer
    • KraftHeinz
    • Salesforce
    • Tata Consultancy Service
    • EMA
    • Arcadis

A lively residential district

Wiebke Wilting
  • Zuidas is one of Amsterdam’s largest residential property development sites. In the next few years, thousands of homes will be constructed, including mid-price homes for rent and social housing.
  • Approximately 4,000 residents (april 1, 2018 OIS)
  • 37,8% migrants from non-Western countries (kerncijfers 2017)
  • 2,4% >65 years (kerncijfers 2017)
  • A rich variety of homes: top segment, mid-price homes (up to €970 monthly rental or max. €46.263 income), social housing units (up to €710 monthly rental or max. €36.165 income).

Zuidas offers homes

  • A wide range of homes, everything from the small and compact to spacious homes with all the comforts of modern living
  • Bright, spacious homes with great views, outdoor spaces
  • Sustainable housing with standard ceiling 3,3 m
  • Shops and restaurants nearby
  • Excellent accessibility from Amsterdam and the whole region
  • A dynamic and cosmopolitan environment

Zuidas offers amenities

  • Zuidas is gradually getting more and more amenities
  • Several children’s day-care centres and (international) schools
  • Gyms, dentist, various shops such as HEMA, Julia’s, Rituals, Sissy Boy, Cool Blue, supermarkets, drugstores, a bicycle shop, bakery etc. Shopping centre Gelderlandplein is within walking distance
  • Good restaurants and cafes. Zuidas is now home to over 40 catering outlets, including Bolenius, Starbucks, Hello Sushi, Oliver’s and Vandaag. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafés and shops in Beethovenstraat and Scheldestraat.
  • 4 hotels (Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC, Holiday Inn, Motel One, Crown Plaza); 6 hotels in (immediate) surroundings Zuidas and 4 under development: Van der Valk, nHow Amsterdam Rai, Two Amsterdam and Premier Suites Group in Hourglass
  • RAI conference center, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (25 .000 students),  Amsterdam Medical  Center, Amsterdam District Court

Status residential

  • Completed homes:
    • Approximately 2,611 homes, distributed among 19 residential complexes: (900 Mahler, Summertime, Eurocenter, Luminuz, New Amsterdam, Symphony, Django, Miles, OpZuid, Square, Rivers, Amstelwijck, The Fred, Intermezzo, RIV, Gershwin Townhouses, Ella, Gershwin Brothers and Ravel Residence (800 student housing units)

Under development in 2018:

  • Approximately 651 homes, distributed among 6 residential complexes:
    • Xavier (Gershwin), 164 homes, completed in 2018
    • The George (Gershwin), 47 homes, completed in 2020
    • The Gustav (Gershwin), 144 homes, completed in 2020
    • Valley (Ravel), 198 homes, completed in 2021
    • Zuidoever (Kop Zuidas), 53 senior homes, completed in 2019
    •  Sud (Kop Zuidas), 47 homes, completed in 2020


  • Zuidas has a broad bandwidth when it comes to average land prices. The price depends on the function and averages between € 150 – € 3500 per m2 (gfa), leasehold.
  • Offices and commercial homes have a similar price level
  • Social housing and social functions such as schools, a lower price.
  • Average value homes / offices: € 6500 per m2

Sustainability, Green and Water

  • Zuidas is located between Amstelriver and Schinkel/Nieuwe Meer
  • Near Sportas, the Amsterdamse Bos, the Amstel Park
  • Special green locations in Zuidas
    • Botanical Garden
    • Green Living Lab
    • Citygarden Akzo en Stibbe
    • Green bank Fred Roeskestraat
    • Strand Zuid
    • Beatrixpark
    • De Nieuwe Meer ( New Lake)
  • Special green projects
    • water retention green zones in Kop Zuidas, Prinses Irenestraat/ Vijhoek


  • 15 minutes to Amsterdam’s canal district
  • 30 minutes by bike greater part of Amsterdam and Amstelveen
  • Three public bike parking garages 9250 spaces
    • Strawinsky: 3750
    • Mahlerplein: 3000
    • Zuidplein: 2500
    • Station Zuid (future realized 2028)
  • There are bike sharing systems in Zuidas (OV-fiets, Hello Bike, and Urbee)
  • Adjacent to the A10 ring road. Two slip roads to the A10 provide easy access by car
  • Amsterdam Zuid railway station (one of the fastest growing rail hubs in the Netherlands) in the heart of Zuidas is developing into a main transport hub for train, metro, (regional) bus and tram.
  • Tram and metro:
    • Provide direct connections to the following railway stations: Amsterdam Central, Sloterdijk, Amstel, Lelylaan, RAI, Bijlmer Arena and busstation Noord
    • Tram lines: 5 (Westergasfabriek, Amstelveen), 24 to VU university, 4 to Rai convention center.
    • 4 metro stations in Zuidas: Amstelveenseweg, Station Zuid, RAI, Europaplein
    • Metro lines: ring route 50 (Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Zuidoost), 51 (Central Station/ Amstelveen, 52, (North/South)
  • Train
    • Zuidas has two railway stations: Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam RAI
    • 6 minutes by train from Zuidas to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  •  Buses:
    • 15 (Sloterdijk Station, Amstel Station), 62 (Amstel Station), 65 (KNSM Island)
    • Regional buses: 246 (VU- Schiphol), 341 (Hoofddorp via Schiphol), 346 (Station Haarlem), 241(Amstelveen), 242 (Mijdrecht), 348 (Uithoorn), 358 (Aalsmeer)
  • MaaS:
    • Amsterdam is taking part in pilot study Mobility as a Service to allow commuters to plan, book and pay a train ticket, a bicycle, a car, a moped or even a taxi using the same online platform.

The Zuidasdok project

  • Expansion of the Amsterdam Zuid railway station
  • Compact integration of urban and regional public transport
  • Widening the A10 South by adding extra lanes
  • The unbundling of the De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel nodes
  • Moving the A10 underground at the centre of Zuidas
  • Redesigning the public space that this makes available

Usefulness and necessity

  • The Zuidasdok project is required to solve the following (future) bottlenecks:
  • Increasing numbers of train and metro passengers are passing through Amsterdam Zuid. Expansion is essential.
  • A more compact public transport transfer point is needed
  • Terminus of the North/South line and of the Amstelveen line
  • Risk of disrupted traffic flows along the A10 South. Even when this project has been completed, some locations may still have a lack of road capacity: doing nothing is not an option
  • Integrating the infrastructure and curtailing the environmental nuisance involved in the further development of Zuidas

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