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Last AFC pitch move makes space for housing

The fifth and final AFC pitch has now been moved in a northerly direction. This completes the redevelopment of the sports park. It has created space for the new Ravel residential neighbourhood, where we will be building around 1,350 homes in the years ahead.

Local school children design sustainable residential district

For their module in ‘sustainable local development’, pupils from Vossius Gymnasium have been working on ideas for the Ravel district. They talked to experts, carried out field research and presented their ideas to a jury – who were very impressed!

Tic-Tac-Toe: 75 mid-market rental homes in the new Ravel district

One of the first projects in the new residential neighbourhood of Ravel has now been announced: Tic-Tac-Toe. The project will include 75 family homes of an average of 80 square metres in the medium-priced rental segment. Construction will begin in early 2024 and is expected to be completed in 2025.

Trees to be removed in Beethovenstraat in order to reroute pipes and cables

We are going to cut down four trees on the eastern side of Beethovenstraat. These are located just south of Valley and the future Maurice Ravellaan. They need to be removed because we have to reroute underground pipes and cables for the new residential area of Ravel.

Maurice Ravellaan starts to take shape

Next to the southern entrance to Valley, the first piece of Maurice Ravellaan is now in place. This avenue will be the access route to the new Ravel residential neighbourhood. A crossroads has now appeared where Mahlerlaan previously formed a T-junction with Beethovenstraat.

Zoning plan makes new residential neighbourhood possible

Great news for Zuidas and the city: on 8 July 2021, the City Council approved the zoning plan for the Zuidas – Ravel residential neighbourhood. The plan will enable the development of a new, leafy family neighbourhood in Ravel, with 1,350 homes, 750 of which will be suitable for families.

Kindercampus ‘community hub in the new Ravel neighbourhood’

In 2024, the Kindercampus Zuidas childcare centre is moving to a brand-new building in the new Ravel residential neighbourhood. As a result, the primary school and childcare facility is set to take on a real community function. ‘We still want to have a place where we can continue to build huts.’

Neighbours respond positively to Ravel

If everything goes smoothly, the City Council will officially approve the zoning plan for the new Ravel residential district in the summer of 2021. We have held talks on several occasions with businesses, employees and residents nearby in order to take their ideas on board as much as possible.

Kindercampus Zuidas allocated new site in Ravel district

Kindercampus Zuidas education centre has been allocated a new site in the future Ravel residential district. This has been agreed between the Public Education Foundation Stichting Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel and the City of Amsterdam. It marks the first step in setting up the school in the new district.

Zoning plan for Zuidas-Ravel residential district open for consultation

The draft zoning plan for the ‘Zuidas-Ravel residential district’ has been open for consultation since 24 December 2020. Ravel will be a new residential district with around 1,350 homes. Work is set to start in 2022. The consultation period lasts until 3 February 2021.

‘Building a residential neighbourhood is quite a complex process’

Zuidas will soon have a new residential neighbourhood: Ravel. Construction is set to start at the end of 2022, but there have been years of preparation leading up to that. As project manager, Monique Soe-Agnie has been very closely involved.

A new green, child-friendly residential neighbourhood in Zuidas

Starting in 2022, a new green, car-free neighbourhood called Ravel will be created in Zuidas, providing 1,350 homes. Most of these will be relatively large, and in the social rental or mid-range rental sectors. They will be located in a park-like setting, with plenty of space for play and recreation.