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Railway track 4 at Amsterdam Zuid station goes ‘bendy’

Starting at 20.00 on 1 April 2021, we will be working on Zuidasdok night and day until 05.00 on 6 April. One of the jobs will involve putting a bend in railway track 4 to enable platform 3-4 to be widened. ‘A real improvement,’ says Tjeerd Dierckxsens.

New courthouse almost in use

As it is now known that the new courthouse will open on 3 May 2021, and the stunning artwork in front of it is now in position in all its glory, we are working hard to ensure that the area around the courthouse will look equally attractive by the spring.

Vivaldi neighbourhood changing, including the streetscape

The Vivaldi neighbourhood, to the east of Zuidas, is set to undergo further development in the years ahead. A new zoning plan is being worked on in order to enable the development of two very special offices. Part of the plan also includes more attractive and greener streets.

Consequences of Zuidasdok building work during the Easter weekend

From Thursday 1 April 8:00 pm until Tuesday 6 April 5:00 am, we will be working 24 hours per day on the roof of the new passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station. Although the A10 will remain in use at this time, the work will have a number of consequences for traffic,

Amsterdam Open Tower Day extended until 27 March

The ninth Open Tower Day is taking place today (20 March 2021). This time, it is online and you can enjoy the panoramic views in a series of 3D photos. Because of the positive responses, the photos can now be viewed until Saturday, 27 March.

Pre-Easter hoisting tests at Zuidasdok

It all begins on 1 April 2021: starting at 20:00 and lasting until 05:00 on 5 April, we will be building the foundations for two roof sections of the new passenger tunnel. Because we have only limited time, we are now running a series of tests to make sure the operation will be a success.

Amsteltram will terminate at temporary stop next to Amsterdam Zuid station

The start and end point for the Amsteltram (line 25) will temporarily be located at Eduard van Beinumstraat, on the north side of Amsterdam Zuid station. This has been agreed by the participants in the Zuidasdok project.

Green space between RAI and Wielingenstraat

In September 2021, we will start work on creating a strip of green space in front of Hall 5 of the RAI building, along Wielingenstraat. The idea is to create a green buffer between Wielingenstraat and the logistics area of the RAI.

No parking zone for bicycles and scooters extended

Zuid City District is extending the enforcement zone for bikes and scooters parked where it is not permitted. This is partly in response to complaints about parking on the southern section of Mahlerplein. The new rules are expected to apply from May.

Permit granted for Virtual Fountains artwork

A permit has been granted for the Virtual Fountains artwork that will be erected in Europaplein-Oost. The work of art is part of the square’s new landscaping. The period for submitting objections runs until 16 April 2021.

Zuidasdok prepares for exciting long Easter weekend

At Easter, which for us starts as early as 20.00 on Thursday, 1 April, we will be installing the foundations for two sections of roof for the additional passenger tunnel under Amsterdam Zuid station. This will also involve removing a railway and metro track. It promises to be an exciting job.

Buitenveldert cemetery and its Roman Catholic past

From the 17th century, a ‘relatively close-knit, Catholic population’ clustered together on the southern side of a predominantly Protestant Amsterdam. The monumental grave of the Wiegman-Dobbelman family, at the Buitenveldert Roman Catholic Cemetery, bears testament to that.
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