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Rietveld students create art in INNSiDE hotel

The brand new INNSiDE hotel by Meliá has made around 20 rooms available as artists’ studios for students of the nearby Gerrit Rietveld Academie. They are working there on art that will soon take pride of place in the hotel.

Raising the roof at the EDGE Stadium building

Right now, the EDGE Stadium building – former office of Loyens & Loeff on Fred. Roeskestraat 100 – looks like a bit like a demolition site. And that includes the roof.

Architect Winy Maas on his design for Valley

Architect Winy Maas is not pulling any punches: the design for Valley also includes a critique of the classic Zuidas. ‘The reflective glass panels are a reference to the inaccessible Zuidas of old. The green valley that breaks through, that represents the Zuidas of the future.’

Four years of construction work on the new courthouse in pictures

We’ve been following the construction of the largest courthouse in the country closely for nearly four years now. The project started by clearing away the rubble of what was there before and will end on Monday 3 May 2021 with the first court proceedings. We would like to thank the many hundreds of people who have created this iconic new building in Zuidas.

OBA NEXT confirmed for Zuidas

The City Council has approved the investment decision for OBA NEXT. This provides definite confirmation that OBA NEXT will be developed in Zuidas. Martin Berendse, Director of OBA (Amsterdam Public Library): ‘It will be a dynamic place, like a workshop buzzing with innovation.’

Final design for Conservatorium in Beatrixpark takes shape

In the second half of 2022, the annex to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam music academy will be moving into the monumental buildings known as Kapel & Convict in Beatrixpark. The definitive design that will make this relocation possible is now complete.

Warnersblokken apartments inspired by ‘servants’ issue’

The Warnersblokken apartments will be familiar to anyone who cycles through the Prinses Irenebuurt. They are the four eye-catching and colourful housing blocks at the end of Fred. Roeskestraat. In order to properly understand this national monument, we need to look to another neighbourhood of Amsterdam, Slotermeer.

Why not take a walking tour around Amsterdam Zuidas?

Would you like to get to know Zuidas better? Then why not try our free audio tour on your mobile phone? It will give you your very own guided tour around the area. The first tour is called ‘Zuidas in a Nutshell’ and is narrated by urban planner Ton Schaap, who takes you through the past, present and future of Amsterdam Zuidas.

Southern Mahlerplein now ‘a hundred times better’

It took a while, but the new landscaping of the southern section of Mahlerplein is almost complete. Inappropriately parked scooters and bikes have made way for natural stone and trees. Residents are delighted with the makeover.

Eleven plane trees return home to Valley

Since September 2020, 11 plane trees, 12 metres in height, have been lodging temporarily at Van der Valk. Now, their stay there is over and on 10 April 2021, they relocated back to their home base at Valley in Beethovenstraat.

Laying the groundwork for the new Ravel residential area

The word ‘avenue’ probably conjures up an image of tall trees and elegant houses. The newest avenue to be created in Zuidas – Maurice Ravellaan – still has a long way to go before it looks like that, but the first work has already begun. Ravellaan will be the principal road serving the new Ravel residential area.

Tripolis complex recognized as protected monument

It seems that Aldo van Eyck was ahead of his time when he designed Tripolis. Initially, in 1994, his light, open spaces were not particularly popular. These days, they are exactly what companies are looking for, and so this protected monument is getting a second lease of life.
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