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Work on the weekend of 12-15 July – a photo report

During the weekend of 12-15 July 2024, the Nieuw-Zuid Construction Consortium (Boskalis, Mobilis and Van Gelder) was working hard on the most northerly metro track at four locations between Beethovenstraat and Parnassusweg. A photo report.

15 July: A10 Zuid evening closure for emergency repairs

From 20.30 on 15 July 2024, the A10 Zuid will be closed in the direction of Schiphol/Rotterdam for emergency repairs. Traffic will be diverted via the A2 and A9. During works carried out at the weekend, damage was caused to the motorway next to Amsterdam Zuid station.

Cycle path in Parnassusweg to close two days earlier

The works we are carrying out above Parnassusweg are having more of an impact on road users than expected. For safety reasons, we are closing the cycle path and footpath starting on Thursday, 11 July 2024, instead of Saturday, 13 July.

Seven-week mammoth job above Parnassusweg

On 6 July 2024, a major operation started above Parnassusweg. We are demolishing part of an existing metro viaduct before building a completely new viaduct to replace it. This is set to be a mammoth job, on which we will be working 24 hours a day for seven days a week.

How exactly do you increase the height of a metro track?

From Saturday, 6 July 2024, we will be working 24 hours per day for seven weeks in and around Amsterdam Zuid station. During that time, we will be increasing the height of the track and platform of metro lines 50 and 51 (in the direction of Isolatorweg). So, how does that work?

Closure of Parnassusweg and station entrance in Zuidplein

As part of the regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station, the northern station entrance (Zuidplein) will be closed three times this summer. Parnassusweg will be (partially) closed for one week. There will also be increased disruption around the station.

Experience our work live in person this summer

For Zuidasdok, the summer is not about holidays, but hard work. Would you like to experience everything we are doing live in person? If so, join us on one of the walks to view the work. Simply drop into our ‘little caravan’. Or register now for a very special glimpse behind the scenes.

A lot of work completed during A10 weekend closure

Starting on the evening of Friday, 28 June 2024, we closed the A10 Zuid in the direction of Hengelo/Utrecht for a whole weekend. We managed to complete all of the work, including converting the rush-hour lane into a permanent carriageway. As predicted, journey times increased by up to an hour.

12-15 Juli: A10 Zuid closed in the direction of Schiphol

From Friday, 12 July until Monday, 15 July 2024, the A10 Zuid will be closed in the direction of A4 Schiphol, from the Amstel junction to the S108 Amsterdam Oud Zuid exit. We are working on the regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station. Journey times could increase by up to an hour.

Minister and city executives confirm importance of Zuidasdok

The Dutch House of Representatives and Amsterdam City Council have been notified by letter about progress on the Zuidasdok project. This follows an earlier undertaking to provide information before the summer about the results of an Investigation into potential project cutbacks.

Cycle paths around Schinkelbrug: now and in the future

Work on the reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction is set to start in the second half of 2024. Several cycle routes will therefore be disappearing – some of them temporarily and some permanently. The ultimate result will be a fast connection by bike across the river Schinkel.

Work on embankment for widening of A10 Zuid

For the reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction, we will be working next to Joy Jaagpad tennis park in the upcoming period. The work will involve digging into the A10 Zuid embankment before reinforcing the soil. This will create the space needed to widen the motorway.
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