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Zuidasdok construction island ready for the real work

With a construction site now installed in the tight space between the metro tracks, the Zuidasdok builders have embarked on the ‘real work’: the construction of two roof sections that we will be inserting into position in August 2021.

Sybilla Dekker: ‘Raise the ambition level for Zuidasdok’

Building work on Zuidasdok is set to continue. As became apparent on 26 March 2020, the exploratory study carried out by the Minister of State, Sybilla Dekker, was enough to convince the administrators. Instead of suggesting ways of economising on the plans, Dekker argues the case for expanding the ambitions.

Installing a roof? I thought Zuidasdok had shut down?

As you are probably already aware, you should avoid the Zuidas area on Friday 1 November 2019 and on 2 and 3 November as well. That’s when we will be doing work for the Zuidasdok project. How come? I thought work on Zuidasdok had stopped? No, actually, it hasn’t and we explain why below.

Zuidasdok causes a stir

Followers of Zuidasdok news may have been shocked by some disturbing headlines over the last week. ‘Zuidasdok contractors threaten to abandon project’. And ‘Zuidasdok conflict reaches boiling point’. So what exactly is happening?

Five weekends for a slab of concrete?

During Whit weekend (8-10 June 2019), we will be putting the first part of the roof of the new Brittenpassage into position. But this mammoth task will be affecting travellers from as early as Friday, 10 May 2019. So what is all the work that needs to be done?

Integrated design for Zuidasdok faces delay

More time is needed for a full and proper design for Zuidasdok than was originally predicted. This has been reported across the media. Various issues have arisen during the preparatory work that could have an impact on the project’s realisation and schedule.