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Zuidasdok construction island ready for the real work

With a construction site now installed in the tight space between the metro tracks, the Zuidasdok builders have embarked on the ‘real work’: the construction of two roof sections that we will be inserting into position in August 2021.

Zuidasdok builds work island between the tracks

We are in the process of preparing the construction of two roof sections for the additional entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station. The work will be done between two metro tracks. So how do you build two huge pieces of concrete with only minimal space in which to work? According to Emiel Vergouw, that’s not the only challenge.

Two roof sections for new station passageway in 2021

Work on the additional passenger tunnel for Amsterdam Zuid station, the Brittenpassage, is slowly continuing. In April and August 2021, we will be inserting the second and third roof sections into position. Work outdoors to prepare for this is already starting on 14 September 2020.

Tendering process for new Amsterdam Zuid station starts on 27 October

The tendering process for the renovation and extension of Amsterdam Zuid Station will be officially launched on 27 October 2020. This is according to an announcement made by Zuidasdok today. The preliminary announcement was published on TenderNed on 3 September.

First step towards new tendering process for Zuidasdok

In the coming years, new contractors will be responsible for parts of the Zuidasdok project. Rather than being awarded to a single contractor, the project will be put out to tender again, this time in packages of related work. A market consultation will take place on 26 June 2020.

Four days of work at Amsterdam Zuid station at the end of May

Over the long Whitsun holiday weekend at the end of May, we will be continuing work at Amsterdam Zuid station, as part of the Zuidasdok redevelopment project. Between the evening of Thursday 28 May and the morning of Tuesday 2 June 2020, we will be working on the foundations for two roof sections for the extra pedestrian passageway for the station.

Work at Amsterdam Zuid station, 23-24 March

During the night of Monday 23 March to Tuesday 24 March, we will be driving two seven-metre foundation piles into the ground between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. The work will be carried out immediately to the west of Amsterdam Zuid station.

Wider entrance for Amsterdam Zuid station

The entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station on the Mahlerplein side is now twice as wide as before. On Tuesday, 30 July 2019, a new entrance opened right next to the existing one, giving people using the station much more space.

A10 Zuid closed and no trains to Amsterdam Zuid station again this weekend

For the fourth weekend in a row, work is being done on the refurbishment of Amsterdam Zuid station. From 22.00 on Friday evening, there will be no traffic possible  from the Badhoevedorp junction in the direction of Amsterdam.

Difficult third weekend for works at Amsterdam Zuid station

For the third consecutive weekend, we have been working on the first roof section for the Brittenpassage, the extra passageway underneath Amsterdam Zuid station. We were also working at other locations. It was not possible to complete all of the work on time.

Five weekends for a slab of concrete?

During Whit weekend (8-10 June 2019), we will be putting the first part of the roof of the new Brittenpassage into position. But this mammoth task will be affecting travellers from as early as Friday, 10 May 2019. So what is all the work that needs to be done?