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Over 200 social rented apartments for first-timers

The De Key housing association is developing a residential tower comprising 216 apartments for first-timers. They will be the first of 2,700 apartments to be built close to VU Amsterdam in the years ahead. The apartments are scheduled for completion in 2024.

North-western section of Verdi goes green

In a series of subplans, we’re currently in the process of developing the Verdi area, between De Nieuwe Meer and Amstelveensweg. We’re now working on subplan 2, which aims to enhance the green character of the area. Some residents are wondering how we intend to do that.

Winning plans for ‘Zuid Neighbourhood Budget’ announced

Which local neighbourhood initiatives in Zuidas and Buitenveldert should be implemented in the near future? Some 3,053 residents cast their votes in the finals of the Zuid Neighbourhood Budget (Buurtbudget Zuid). There are seven winning initiatives.

Residents call for greener central section in De Boelelaan

Space for greenery and nature. That’s what residents would like to see in the central section of De Boelelaan when the street is re-landscaped. In mid-September 2020, more than 250 residents used an app to share their opinions.

Investment Memorandum Verdi sub-plan 2 available for inspection

From 15 October up to and including 25 November 2020, the draft Investment Memorandum for the second sub-plan for Verdi is available for public inspection. Verdi is the area between De Nieuwe Meer, the Boeierspad, the Amstelveenseweg, and the Olympic Stadium.

Join the discussion about new green along De Boelelaan

In a few years we are going to redevelop the middle section of the De Boelelaan, situated between the Beethovenstraat and the Parnassusweg. Part of this, is a new green bank along the De Boelegracht. Think and talk along via the Opp App.

Survey for redevelopment of the Wielingenstraat

The Wielingenstraat is due for major maintenance. We want to seize this opportunity to also redevelop the road better. But before we do that, we would like to hear from you what options for improvement you see. So, fill in the survey.

Let’s make Rosy Wertheimstraat a beautiful street

Now that work has been completed on the residential buildings Xavier, The George and The Gustav, it’s time to start work on Rosy Wertheimstraat. But what should we do? That’s exactly what we would like to hear from you about. We’re inviting all residents to contribute their ideas. There’s even an app to help you do this.

Plans for De Boelegracht bridge presented

In the second quarter of 2021, a new pedestrian bridge is set to be built across De Boelegracht near The George. At a walk-in meeting held on 1 July 2020, the plans were presented to local residents.

‘Building a residential neighbourhood is quite a complex process’

Zuidas will soon have a new residential neighbourhood: Ravel. Construction is set to start at the end of 2022, but there have been years of preparation leading up to that. As project manager, Monique Soe-Agnie has been very closely involved.

A new green, child-friendly residential neighbourhood in Zuidas

Starting in 2022, a new green, car-free neighbourhood called Ravel will be created in Zuidas, providing 1,350 homes. Most of these will be relatively large, and in the social rental or mid-range rental sectors. They will be located in a park-like setting, with plenty of space for play and recreation.

Work starts on side-streets around Gershwinlaan

The long-awaited work to complete the large public spaces in Benjamin Brittenstraat, Peter Schatstraat and Leonard Bernsteinstraat will finally start on 8 June 2020. The design for these streets was developed by Joost de Wit and Jessica Scheurich, in consultation with local residents.
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