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2020: Zuidas builders continued to build

From mid-March 2020, the offices in Zuidas were more or less empty. Most schools and amenities were closed. As in the rest of the country, local residents had to adapt their day-to-day lives. But what about the Zuidas builders? They continued their work.

A peep inside the Thomaskerk monument

Anyone not paying attention is likely to go straight past and there is a sign in the grass pointing out that there is a childcare centre here. It is almost as if it is a deliberate disguise for the extraordinary interior that meets you as you enter the Thomaskerk.

Zoning plan for Zuidas-Ravel residential district open for consultation

The draft zoning plan for the ‘Zuidas-Ravel residential district’ has been open for consultation since 24 December 2020. Ravel will be a new residential district with around 1,350 homes. Work is set to start in 2022. The consultation period lasts until 3 February 2021.

Zoning plan for Vivaldi development open for consultation

In the Vivaldi neighbourhood, we have plans for two developments that require the revision of the zoning plan. The draft zoning plan is open for consultation from 24 December 2020 until 4 February 2021. During this period, you can submit your views on the plan.

Mini-park for Amsterdam UMC, VUmc location

More green areas around Amsterdam University Medical Center (UMC). This was one of the winning ideas submitted when residents were invited to suggest initiatives for a greener Zuidas. It’s now been made a reality. ‘We really want visitors to be able to take advantage of this green area’, says our green specialist Jeroen Assen.

Ruud and Susan, lucky residents of The George

Fifty years ago, Ruud was still playing on the sand plains of Gershwin. He is now living in exactly the same place with his wife Susan, in the building known as The George. Actually securing the apartment called for a stroke of luck, but they now feel totally at home.

From jungle to design roof garden on the ITO tower

Many of the roofs in Zuidas are not accessible to the public, which is a shame. From the street, for example, there is no way of knowing that a beautiful new garden has been created on top of the ITO tower in Mahlerplein. We were permitted to take a look around.

EDGE Stadium to be extended and renovated

EDGE Stadium, the former headquarters of Loyens & Loeff at Fred. Roeskestraat 100, is being given a comprehensive upgrade by developer EDGE. The work will take two years, with completion expected by November 2022.

Upgrade for southern section of Mahlerplein

At last, it’s happening: the relandscaping of the section of Mahlerplein to the south of Mahlerlaan will start in January. By March 2021, it will be a nice green square that’s no longer playing second fiddle to its attractive northern other half.

Renovated Amstelveen line put into use

The Amstelveen line, tram line 25, was put into use. Officially from Sunday 13 December 2020, but it is already possible to hop on. The renovation progressed entirely according to plan. Only the definitive stop at the Amsterdam Zuid station is still a problem.

Nightwork around 2Amsterdam

2Amsterdam is nearing completion. The INNSiDE hotel tower opens shortly, and the office tower will be ready mid-2021. We are now working on the Strawinskylaan immediately in front of buildings. During the night of 10 to 11 December we will apply the asphalt.

Provisional design for Europaplein-Oost completed

The provisional design for Europaplein-Oost has been completed. In recent years, there have been several events where we have discussed the new layout of Europaplein-Oost with local residents. We’re interested in finding out what you think of the design.
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