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Ask&GO to provide travel advice during Zuidasdok works

Between 22 July and 3 August, the A4 and A10 Zuid will be closed in the direction of Utrecht. The trains will run a revised service. What does this mean for you? Ask&GO can provide you with personal travel advice, e.g., via Whatsapp.

€100 travel voucher for a sustainable, accessible Zuidas

Is it really possible to keep Zuidas accessible while also reducing your CO2 footprint? It certainly is if you opt to leave the car at home more often and travel off-peak. We are currently running a pilot to find out what works best. If you participate in the pilot, you could receive a travel voucher worth €100.

New shared transport hub in Arnold Schönberglaan

On the south side of the A10, along Arnold Schönberglaan, we have set up a shared transport hub. Travellers will be able to use it to access a shared bike, scooter or car. The hub is a pilot and will be here until 2023.

Cycle tunnels at RAI get a make-over

The three bicycle tunnels around the RAI are getting a makeover. The tunnel under Europaboulevard will be closed between 30 April and 8 May. A diversion will be put in place for cyclists and pedestrians. The other two tunnels will stay open.

Major maintenance work on Buitenveldertselaan until May 2023

Work has been ongoing on Buitenveldertselaan since the beginning of April 2022. This work includes repaving the pedestrian and bicycle paths, resurfacing the road and replacing the gas pipes and sewers. The work will last until the end of May 2023.

Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan cyclist tunnels closed

We are about to relandscape the area around WTC Tower Ten. To make this possible, we need to close the cyclist tunnels under Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan from 18 April until the end of September 2022. Temporary crossings for cyclists will be made available in the meantime.

Meeting about redevelopment of central section of De Boelelaan

The central section of De Boelelaan, between Beethovenstraat and Parnassusweg, is being redeveloped, adding a new green section and bringing changes to the traffic situation. A meeting about it is being held on Tuesday, 12 April 2022, both in person (fully subscribed) and online.

Bicycle chaos in Prinses Irenestraat

In Prinses Irenestraat, there is a parking area for scooters and cargo bikes. However, in practice it is mainly used for normal bikes, often badly parked and sometimes even on top of each other. We are regularly asked whether anything can be done about this.

Tram 25 set to stay in Strawinskylaan for now

For the time being, Tram 25 will continue to have its start and end stops in Strawinskylaan. Despite the original plan, the temporary tram terminus in Eduard van Beinumstraat will not be happening. Later this year, the platform will be widened and the crossing on Strawinskylaan improved.

More space for travellers on Amsterdam Zuid train platforms

Train passengers at Amsterdam Zuid station are getting some extra space on platforms 3 and 4. We will be working on this over the weekends of 4 March and 11 March 2022. That extra space is certainly needed now that more people are starting to use the train again.

A.J. Ernststraat transformed by the arrival of AICS

The arrival of the Amsterdam International Community School in A.J. Ernststraat coincides with redevelopment work on this street. The work will take place on the section between Van der Boechorststraat and Buitenveldertselaan. This will cause some disruption.

Update on central section of De Boelelaan

We last reported on the central section of De Boelelaan on 23 October 2020. Work is now fully underway, fortunately, and we will be able to inform you about the final designs next year.
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