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Possible inconvenience due to the installation of sheetpile wall for the Brittenpassage

While the A10 Zuid motorway is closed from 22 July 2022 onwards we are going to be vibro driving 80 sheetpiles into the ground which are needed for the Brittenpassage excavation work later on. This work may cause noise pollution. We invite you to attend the drop-in meeting on Tuesday 5 July.

5 July: walk-in meeting about Zuidasdok summer works

Starting on 16 July 2022, major works will be taking place at and around Amsterdam Zuid station. In addition to road and track closures, people may also experience noise nuisance in the neighbourhood. Come along to the walk-in information meeting in the WTC on 5 July 2022.

Cables and pipelines temporarily exposed

In the embankment along the A10 West, next to Luchtvaartstraat, there are some very important cables and pipelines. They are usually underground, but in order to enable the updating of the De Nieuwe Meer interchange, they need to be moved and exposed to daylight. This is happening until July 2022.

Closure of A10 southern carriageway will be a complex challenge

Around 9,500 vehicles per hour use the southern carriageway of the A10 heading towards Utrecht at peak hours. But between 22 July and 3 August, the A10 southern carriageway and the A4 towards Utrecht will be closed. What will happen to all that traffic? That will be quite a challenge.

Video/photos: lifting 40 tonnes of platform roof

Some serious work was underway at Amsterdam Zuid station during the weekend of 4-5 June 2022. Five huge cranes hoisted the metro line 52 platform roof, weighing 40 tonnes, into its new, elevated position. View the film and photographs.

New Zuidasdok construction site in Eduard van Beinumstraat

In Eduard van Beinumstraat, we are setting up a new construction site for the Zuidasdok project. This is needed for the renovation work on Amsterdam Zuid station. On it, we will be pre-building components for the second station passageway, the Brittenpassage.

Raising the metro platform roof

We are moving the platform for metro line 52 at Amsterdam Zuid station in the direction of Beethovenstraat – and even slightly above it. This will create space for us to work on the station. On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June, we are raising the height of the roof above the metro platform.

A10 tunnel under Luchtvaartstraat-Overschiestraat closed

From 27 May to 8 July 2022, the tunnel under Overschiestraat/Luchtvaartstraat (A10 West) will be closed to traffic. We will be laying cables and pipelines in it in preparation for the planned work to update the De Nieuwe Meer interchange.

Underground Zuidas almost ready for Zuidasdok

In construction projects, cables and pipelines rarely feature in reporting. They are hardly visible – or, more accurately, invisible. But, hidden underground, there are numerous cables and pipelines. If the land above them is needed for construction, they can present an obstacle.

A green public transport hub at the heart of the city

A leafy green area where public transport and the urban environment blend into one. That’s the idea behind the design of the new station – or more accurately public transport hub – Amsterdam Zuid. What will it be like for travellers?

Zuidasdok report on the second half of 2021

Zuidasdok has updated Amsterdam City Council and the Dutch House of Representatives on progress made in the second half of 2021. The renovation of Amsterdam Zuid was given the go-ahead and the tender procedure for tackling the De Nieuwe Meer interchange was initiated.

Ask&GO to provide travel advice during Zuidasdok works

Between 22 July and 3 August, the A4 and A10 Zuid will be closed in the direction of Utrecht. The trains will run a revised service. What does this mean for you? Ask&GO can provide you with personal travel advice, e.g., via Whatsapp.
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