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Ask&GO to provide travel advice during Zuidasdok works

Between 22 July and 3 August, the A4 and A10 Zuid will be closed in the direction of Utrecht. The trains will run a revised service. What does this mean for you? Ask&GO can provide you with personal travel advice, e.g., via Whatsapp.

Steel structure on Beethovenstraat for metro platform

Between 8 and 13 May 2022, we are working overnight on the viaduct underneath Beethovenstraat. We are installing a steel structure that will form the base for a metro platform. Between 22:00 and 06:00, we are closing the road to traffic in one direction as well as the pedestrian and cycle path.

Major logistical operation on North/South metro line platforms

From Saturday, 16 July until Friday 22 July, Line 52 (the North/South line) will not be running to and from Amsterdam Zuid station. During that time, we are doing construction work on two new, temporary metro platforms. This is a precision operation in an area the size of a postage stamp. So why are we doing it and how?

Construction work means southern carriageway of the A10 will be closed for 11 days

Between 22 July and 3 August, the A4 and the southern carriageway of the A10 towards Utrecht will be closed. There will also be fewer trains running during this period. During the 11-day period, we will be working on the foundations for the roof sections of the new Brittenpassage. Continue reading to find out exactly what we will we be doing.

Moving cables and pipes at Luchtvaartstraat

Work will be taking place on Overschiestraat/Luchtvaartstraat underpass (A10 West) until July 2022. This is the first of four locations where cables and pipelines are being relocated in preparation for the planned renovation of the motorway interchange at De Nieuwe Meer.

Dutch parliament and Amsterdam City Council notified of contract for renovation work at Amsterdam Zuid station

On 15 April 2022, the Dutch House of Representatives and Amsterdam city council were notified of an important step in the renovation of Amsterdam Zuid railway station: the awarding of the contract for phase 1 of the station renovation.

Summer disruption for Zuidas traffic and transport

Starting in mid-July 2022, major works will cause traffic and transport disruption in Zuidas. Metro line 52 will not run to Zuid station for a seven-day period. The A4 and A10 Zuid in the direction of Utrecht will be closed for 11 days. There will be a reduced train service. Below, we provide a summary of three weeks of work during the summer.

Tram 25 set to stay in Strawinskylaan for now

For the time being, Tram 25 will continue to have its start and end stops in Strawinskylaan. Despite the original plan, the temporary tram terminus in Eduard van Beinumstraat will not be happening. Later this year, the platform will be widened and the crossing on Strawinskylaan improved.

Zuidasdok contracts EQUANS to move the controls for the bridges over the Schinkel

The number of bridges over the Schinkel will increase over the next few years, due to the widening of the southern carriageway of the A10 motorway. To make space for this, the two control towers will need to be removed and the controls moved elsewhere. EQUANS has been contracted to do this work.

More space for travellers on Amsterdam Zuid train platforms

Train passengers at Amsterdam Zuid station are getting some extra space on platforms 3 and 4. We will be working on this over the weekends of 4 March and 11 March 2022. That extra space is certainly needed now that more people are starting to use the train again.

Zuidas model updated, view the time-lapse video

While we were closed because of coronavirus, model builder Adam Doyce Transue was able to work to his heart’s content updating the model in the Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre. Why not take a look? You can also drop by in person. Because, the good news is that we have reopened again.

All metro switches installed and removable railway platforms replaced

In the weekend of 18 and 19 December 2021, we installed the final two switches in the metro tracks. At the same time, 1,000 sq. m. of floor was replaced from the removable railway platform for tracks 1 and 2. The work went smoothly.
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