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Temporary shed for museum tram next to Jachthavenweg

From 2 April until Friday, 28 June, a temporary tram shed is being built for the museum tram next to Jachthavenweg. This is expected to cause some disruption to traffic. Some parking spaces will also be temporarily out of use.

Safety awareness at Zuidasdok

Safe construction is one of the most important challenges for Zuidasdok. We are building in a busy, built-up area and always in close proximity to the A10 and the railway. So, how do we ensure that it stays safe?

Night-time traffic disruption on A10 Zuid

In the evenings and nights between 27 and 30 March 2024, there will be works happening along the A10 Zuid in the Utrecht direction. This is expected to cause some disruption to traffic. In the night from Friday, 29 to Saturday 30 March, the S108 access road will be closed.

Parnassusweg closures for construction of metro viaduct

From April to July 2024, we are working on the metro viaducts across Parnassusweg. We are making preparations to enable the construction of a new viaduct there this summer. During this period, we will be closing the eastern carriageway (in the direction of the city) several times.

13 March: meeting about De Nieuwe Meer junction

In 2024, the reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction is set to start after a long period of preparation. At two walk-in meetings on Wednesday 13 March, we will give you an idea of the works you can expect in the years ahead and the related disruption.

Zuidas accessibility score declines

The average score for journeys to Zuidas fell in 2023 to 6.9 out of 10, the lowest figure in our survey since 2016. The fact that things have become increasingly busy, partly due to works, is the main cause. This is according to the 2023 Mobility Survey.

12 March: market at our Information Centre

Although there will be nothing on sale, it will definitely be worth the effort coming along to our Information Centre in the WTC on tuesday 12 March 2024. At our market, you will have an opportunity to see, hear about and experience some of the major developments in your neighbourhood. You can even do some speed-dating.

Eye to eye with the entryway to the Brittenpassage

The definitive entryways to the second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station, the Brittenpassage, will not be in place until 2036. But when it opens in 2027, they will already be clearly recognisable, as a life-sized impression of the southern entrance shows.

Working together on a vibrant Kenniskwartier

Kenniskwartier (Knowledge District) is developing fast. VU Campus is being regenerated, around 2,700 homes are set to be built and there are new amenities and green areas under development along with a thriving centre for research and education. All of this in what will soon be an amazingly accessible location.

Summer weekend closure of A10 Zuid in Schiphol direction

From 12 to 15 July 2024, the A10 Zuid in the direction of Schiphol will be closed for a whole weekend from the Amstel interchange to the S108 Amstelveenseweg access road. This marks the start of six full weeks of work at Amsterdam Zuid station. This year will see several road closures.

Preparations for extra breakdown bay on A10 Zuid

From 29 January until 16 February 2024, we are closing Spoorslag, the cycle path and footpath parallel to the A10 Zuid next to the AFC Amsterdam football pitches. In this area, we are preparing to build an additional breakdown bay on the A10 Zuid.

In the picture: four months of construction work on the Brittenpassage

The second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station is beginning to take shape. In the space of four months, we have removed huge amounts of sand from underneath the A10, railway and metro tracks and the broad contours of the new passageway are now becoming visible. In this series of photos, we take a look back.
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