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Contractor Nieuw-Zuid to continue with next phase of station regeneration

The Nieuw-Zuid construction consortium (Mobilis, Boskalis, Van Gelder) has officially been given the go-ahead for the next phase of the regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station. This will involve widening and raising the height of the existing station passageway (the Minervapassage) and making modifications to the railway platforms.

Limited access at Amsterdam Zuid station for two weekends

In the weekends of 9-10 and 23-24 September 2023, there will be disruption for travellers wishing to access the metro or railway from Zuidplein. The station entrance will be closed for up to 10 minutes on a regular basis (every two hours). There will also be noise disruption.

Reminder: A10 Zuid closed in the direction of Schiphol for two weekends

For two weekends in September 2023, there will be major traffic disruption on the south side of Amsterdam. Between 8 and 11 September and between 22 and 25 September, the A10 Zuid in the direction of Schiphol and The Hague will be closed from the Amstel interchange to the S108 VUmc access road.

Parnassusweg station entrance already back in use

The station entrance in Parnassusweg was open again on Monday 21 August – two weeks earlier than scheduled. We removed some underground cables and pipelines in order to create space for the future motorway tunnels for the A10 Zuid.

Nine days of work on the metro at Amsterdam Zuid station

From Saturday, 19 until Sunday, 27 August, we are working on one of the metro platforms at Amsterdam Zuid station. This is creating space for the renovation of the existing station passageway. For a nine-day period, the metro will run a modified service.

Smooth shifting operation at Amsterdam Zuid in photos

On the evening of Wednesday, 9 August, it was finally time for the big event: shifting two sections of the roof for the Brittenpassage, the second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station, into position millimetre by millimetre. It also attracted a great deal of interest from the press and public.

Work on metro viaducts across Parnassusweg

Until September 2023, we are carrying out major works in Parnassusweg on both the existing and a new metro viaduct. This will involve a lot of sheet pile work. During that time, we will also be temporarily closing the A10 in the direction of Schiphol/The Hague on four separate occasions.

In photos: preparations for shifting operation at Amsterdam Zuid

On 7 and 8 August 2023, dozens of construction workers were working around-the-clock at Amsterdam Zuid station. Preparations were being made to move two huge roof sections for the second passenger tunnel – the Brittenpassage – into position. Take a look at what happened.

'You don’t want them driving into the construction pit'

How are motorists responding to the eight-day closure of the A4 and A10 Zuid? We took a look inside the regional traffic centre of Rijkswaterstaat (Public Works Department). ‘There are certainly quite a few drivers stopping along the roadside to check their satnavs.’

Photo report: wet start for work at Amsterdam Zuid

The evening of Saturday, 5 August 2023 saw the start of work on the additional passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station. We are doing the work now because the summer is relatively quiet. But for the construction workers, it already feels more like autumn. Our photos below offer an initial impression.

New Service & Tickets desk in station passageway

Starting on 14 August 2023, we are building new temporary accommodation for the GVB Service & Tickets desk in the existing passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station. The existing desk has to be removed to make space for the renovation of the passageway.

Digging safely in the A10 embankment and the track

The expansion of Amsterdam Zuid station involves an awful lot of digging. This includes in early August 2023, as we begin to insert the roof for the second passenger tunnel: the Brittenpassage. We are taking careful measures to ensure that we can dig safely.
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