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Summer 2024: reduced metro service at Amsterdam Zuid station

Between 7 July and 26 August 2024, the metros at Amsterdam Zuid station will run a modified service. Metros 50 and 51 will be using a single track instead of two, in both directions. The GVB's Ger Walstra tells us about it.

12 March: market at our Information Centre

Although there will be nothing on sale, it will definitely be worth the effort coming along to our Information Centre in the WTC on tuesday 12 March 2024. At our market, you will have an opportunity to see, hear about and experience some of the major developments in your neighbourhood. You can even do some speed-dating.

Eye to eye with the entryway to the Brittenpassage

The definitive entryways to the second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station, the Brittenpassage, will not be in place until 2036. But when it opens in 2027, they will already be clearly recognisable, as a life-sized impression of the southern entrance shows.

1 February: new Service & Tickets desk opens

On Thursday, 1 February 2024, the new GVB Service & Tickets desk in the existing passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station will open. The existing desk has to be removed to make space for the renovation of the passageway.

Summer weekend closure of A10 Zuid in Schiphol direction

From 12 to 15 July 2024, the A10 Zuid in the direction of Schiphol will be closed for a whole weekend from the Amstel interchange to the S108 Amstelveenseweg access road. This marks the start of six full weeks of work at Amsterdam Zuid station. This year will see several road closures.

Preparations for extra breakdown bay on A10 Zuid

From 29 January until 16 February 2024, we are closing Spoorslag, the cycle path and footpath parallel to the A10 Zuid next to the AFC Amsterdam football pitches. In this area, we are preparing to build an additional breakdown bay on the A10 Zuid.

Amsterdam Zuid station has a busy year ahead

This year, the regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station is set to continue at the speed of an express train. One key highlight: by the end of 2024, the north side of the Brittenpassage will also see the light of day. But we have mountains of work to do first. Below, we list the works planned.

In the picture: four months of construction work on the Brittenpassage

The second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station is beginning to take shape. In the space of four months, we have removed huge amounts of sand from underneath the A10, railway and metro tracks and the broad contours of the new passageway are now becoming visible. In this series of photos, we take a look back.

2023: the year of shifting and digging

The broad contours of the second passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station became visible. The existing passageway was also renovated. Numerous construction projects were completed. We also put together a great summer party. All of that – and much more – was 2023 in Zuidas.

Zuidasdok project reports on the first half of 2023

The contracting parties for the Zuidasdok project have updated Amsterdam’s municipal council and the Dutch House of Representatives regarding progress on Zuidasdok in the first six months of 2023.

Ground monitoring crucial when working under the rails

The renovation work at Amsterdam Zuid station involves working on and in a dike that is largely made of sand. Could the construction of the new Brittenpassage have an effect on that dike? The construction manager and a ground specialist explain.

Drilling 25 m deep in the Brittenpassage

Underneath the roof of the additional passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station, we are doing much more than just digging. Alexander Bor from the Nieuw-Zuid Construction Consortium tells us all about it. ‘By the start of 2024, the southern side of the Brittenpassage will have reached the right depth.’
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