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The next steps at Amsterdam Zuid station

Three roof sections are now in place under the tracks for the new pedestrian passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station. The construction sites look neat and tidy, but appearances can be deceptive. By popular request, here is a preview of the next phases of the work.

Creating space for new metro platforms

Amsterdam Zuid station is set to have new metro platforms, between the existing passageway and the new passageway currently under construction. We will need to make space for them. So, how will this be done and how will it affect passengers and local residents?

Nieuw-Zuid consortium to build public transport hub at Amsterdam Zuid

The construction consortium Nieuw-Zuid (Mobilis, Boskalis and Van Gelder) has been awarded the contract for modernization and expansion work at Amsterdam Zuid station. The first phase of the contract was signed on 26 August.

Work at Amsterdam Zuid station went smoothly last weekend

Last weekend (21-22 August 2021), we took a major step in the construction of the second pedestrian passageway underneath Amsterdam Zuid station. The work involved installing two enormous concrete roof sections into place for the new passageway. Everything went like clockwork.

How do you build a station passage? Watch the video

Amsterdam Zuid station fully prepared for mega-operation

The preparatory work has been completed. Two concrete structures, weighing a total of more than two million kilogrammes, have been lifted out of their formwork and moved several centimetres to test whether everything is in order. The result: the real work can now begin in earnest.

New Amsterdam Zuid station to have solar panels

The new Amsterdam Zuid station will have solar panels. Since most of the platform roofs will be covered with plants, we will be incorporating the solar panels into the edges. Thanks to the solar panels, it will be an almost energy-neutral station.

19-23 August: major construction work at Amsterdam Zuid station

Between the evening of Thursday 19 August and the morning of Monday 23 August, there is likely to be disruption at Amsterdam Zuid station due to major construction work. There will also be fewer train and metro services than usual, and local residents can expect a significant amount of freight traffic going to and from the site.

Shifting two million kilogrammes with millimetre precision

Right next to Amsterdam Zuid station on Saturday, 21 August, we will be placing two roof sections of the new station passageway into their final position. In total, they weigh more than two million kilogrammes. ‘This work requires centimetre, or even millimetre, precision.’

Come along and test the tiles

Starting now, Amsterdam Zuid station has become a test site for the natural stone tiles that will be used in the future station. We are testing different types of grey natural stone to see how they stand up to wear and usage over the next year.

Visual artist creates ‘carnival mural’ to brighten up Atrium parking garage

The visual artist Cesare Botti has created an artwork on the wall of the old parking garage of Atrium, opposite hotel INNSiDE. This is a Zuidasdok initiative. Botti’s ‘Mural Carnival’ is temporary: the Brittenpassage will be located here in a few years’ time.

New schedule announced for Zuidasdok

The major Zuidasdok project now has a new schedule. The original plan was for a single contractor to work on all of it. The project has now been divided into parts, some of which will be happening simultaneously. So, what can you expect?
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