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Box piles replaced in Beethovenstraat

We are in the process of relandscaping the area around WTC Tower Ten. Before that, we will be replacing box piles in Beethovenstraat. In order to do the work safely, we will be closing the western lane to traffic during two weekends.

Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan cyclist tunnels closed

We are about to relandscape the area around WTC Tower Ten. To make this possible, we need to close the cyclist tunnels under Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan from 18 April until the end of September 2022. Temporary crossings for cyclists will be made available in the meantime.

Bicycle chaos in Prinses Irenestraat

In Prinses Irenestraat, there is a parking area for scooters and cargo bikes. However, in practice it is mainly used for normal bikes, often badly parked and sometimes even on top of each other. We are regularly asked whether anything can be done about this.

Tram 25 set to stay in Strawinskylaan for now

For the time being, Tram 25 will continue to have its start and end stops in Strawinskylaan. Despite the original plan, the temporary tram terminus in Eduard van Beinumstraat will not be happening. Later this year, the platform will be widened and the crossing on Strawinskylaan improved.

Amsteltram will terminate at temporary stop next to Amsterdam Zuid station

The start and end point for the Amsteltram (line 25) will temporarily be located at Eduard van Beinumstraat, on the north side of Amsterdam Zuid station. This has been agreed by the participants in the Zuidasdok project.