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Wooden head offices for BNP Paribas and Arcadis

On the so-called ‘de Boog‘ plot, construction work has started on The CubeHouse. This will be the new head offices of BNP Paribas Nederland and Arcadis. Remarkably, this office tower, developed by G&S&, will mostly be made out of wood.

Everything at RDC ADORE revolves around cooperation

The ADORE Research & Diagnostic Centre (RDC ADORE) reached its highest point in June. From 2025, this Amsterdam UMC building will be home to innovative research and diagnostics at the cutting-edge of cancer and brain diseases. We went to take a look.

Circl set to continue as online platform

On 2 June 2023, Circl brought an end to the programming and room hire in the sustainable pavilion in Gustav Mahlerplein. But Circl is now moving online to take an extra step towards a circular economy. The restaurant and rooftop bar will remain open.

VU continues internal construction work on research building

As 2023 progresses, construction work on the VU Amsterdam research building is continuing, with a focus on the extraordinary inside of the building. The first work will be on the interior of the laboratories and offices on the upper floors. The cellar and ground floor will follow later.

Suggest ideas (again) for the pocket park next to PI59

Starting on 1 May 2023, we are inviting the local community to suggest ideas for the pocket park between PI59 and law firm Freshfields. During the previous consultations in March, people’s preferences focused on green areas, sport and play. We now want to explore this in more detail. Will you contribute again, by swiping on the app?

CubeHouse environmental permit open for consultation

For the development of CubeHouse, permission has been granted to deviate from the zoning plan currently in force. A permit was issued on 5 April 2023 and is now open for consultation for six weeks. The application for planning permission will now also be submitted swiftly.

Sustainable redevelopment of EDGE Stadium completed

After two years of construction work, EDGE Stadium, located on the corner of Amstelveenseweg and Fred. Roeskestraat has been completed. The key aim of this redevelopment was to improve sustainability. The updated design has resulted in a stunningly attractive office building.

Suggest ideas for the pocket park between PI59 and Freshfields

Between PI59, formerly home to the Amsterdam International Community School (AICS), and the law firm Freshfields, we have plans to create a pocket park. We are eager to do this in consultation with the local neighbourhood. Will you contribute your ideas?

Light makes all the difference in regenerated Strawinskyhuis

The old Strawinskyhuis in Prinses Irenestraat is now virtually unrecognisable. At the heart of what was once a brutalist complex, there now lies a bright and airy atrium. The building is not yet fully complete: work on it is expected to last until the end of the year.

Two trees to be replanted to create space for 'Boog' plot

In the night of 15-16 March 2023, we will be removing two trees in Parnassusweg close to Claude Debussylaan for replanting elsewhere. The trees need to be moved in order to make way for the construction of a new office building on the so-called 'Boog' plot.

Extreme make-over for Philips’ new headquarters

All that remains of the brutalist complex at Prinses Irenestraat 59 is its bare carcase. This 1970s building is being thoroughly refurbished before Philips moves into it in 2025. So, how is construction progressing?

Tripolis-Park set for completion

Tripolis-Park is approaching completion after almost three years. Uber, its main tenant, will soon be moving into one of the three towers and part of the new building – the ‘horizontal’ skyscraper, dubbed a ‘landscraper’. Law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek will follow at the end of 2023.
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