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Tribute to women composers in Mahlerplein

On 15 September, 2022, we are joining forces with Het Concertgebouw and Festival Muze van Zuid to organise a free open-air concert. This is your opportunity to become acquainted with the work of several women composers, whose names will be used for new streets and squares in Zuidas.

Beethovenstraat closed because of works

From Friday 26 August, 2022 until 05.30 on 29 August, there will be traffic disruption and potential noise nuisance in Beethovenstraat, next to Valley. We are carrying out works in preparation for the new Ravel residential district.

Status update on area around new courthouse

The area around the new courthouse in Parnassusweg is being developed. There will be a museum of modern art and the public area around it will be relandscaped. There are also two plots that are set to be developed.

Attention movie fans: World Cinema Amsterdam in Rialto VU

After a period of restrictions because of coronavirus, the Rialto VU movie theatre is now well and truly in business. From 20 to 27 August 2022, it will be the main venue for World Cinema Amsterdam, the annual festival featuring international movies, many of them by young directors.

Valley gradually grows greener

The first plants in Valley’s vertical valley were planted a year ago. So, how is all this greenery developing? We joined the landscape gardener to take a look. ‘It will still take about another four or five years before it’s all fully grown.’

British School site brings generations together

There are plans to build social rented housing on the former site of the British School Amsterdam (BSA) in Fred. Roeskestraat. Since this will take a while, we have temporarily relandscaped the area, making it a lot greener. Pupils from the Geert Groote College nearby could not be happier.

Maintenance work at Amstelveenseweg station

From Sunday 7 until Sunday 28 August, we are carrying out works at Amstelveenseweg station. This will involve replacing the tramlines and renovating the metro stop, making it safer and more comfortable. It is expected to cause some disruption.

Box piles replaced in Beethovenstraat

We are in the process of relandscaping the area around WTC Tower Ten. Before that, we will be replacing box piles in Beethovenstraat. In order to do the work safely, we will be closing the western lane to traffic during two weekends.

Paint growing outside the old courthouse

The former courthouse in Parnassusweg will soon be home to a museum of modern art. Until then, the building is being put to good use by artists. Dorette Evers has even transformed the two raised beds in front of the building into a paint garden.

Smooth start to 11-day closure of A10 Zuid

We’ve made a start. On the evening of Friday, 22 July, the long-awaited 11-day closure of the A10 Zuid actually began. Ultimately, we can look back on a successful weekend involving some really hard work. Only eight more days to go.

Greenery, art bridge and restructuring work in central De Boelelaan

In April, we held an information meeting about the restructuring work in the central section of De Boelelaan. The meeting focused on the draft design for the green section, the building of the art bridge and the new infrastructure. We promised to report on what was discussed.

Damloperspad restored until late 2024

The bridge connecting Damloperspad and Jachthavenweg, just to the south of the A10, has been temporarily restored. As a result, it is at last possible to walk all the way around De Nieuwe Meer again, much to the delight of many.
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