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Paint growing outside the old courthouse

The former courthouse in Parnassusweg will soon be home to a museum of modern art. Until then, the building is being put to good use by artists. Dorette Evers has even transformed the two raised beds in front of the building into a paint garden.

Reminder: please turn off the lights

Zuidas faces a stubborn – and in our view shameful – problem: lights being left on unnecessarily. Of course, some people continue to work into the evenings. But leaving entire office buildings bathed in artificial light all night is of no benefit whatsoever.

Local school children design sustainable residential district

For their module in ‘sustainable local development’, pupils from Vossius Gymnasium have been working on ideas for the Ravel district. They talked to experts, carried out field research and presented their ideas to a jury – who were very impressed!

Two slender residential towers next to Beatrix Park

Two residential towers with a total of 196 apartments will be built on one of the two sites available next to Beatrix Park. Real estate developer Breevast presented their plans for this location to local residents in January 2022.

Well House exudes health and flexibility

Later in the year, construction work is expected to start on Well House, one of the world’s tallest wooden office towers. We talked to offices investment company NSI about the design, wooden construction, working in a post-Covid era and even about 'spekkoek' (a type of layered cake).

€100 travel voucher for a sustainable, accessible Zuidas

Is it really possible to keep Zuidas accessible while also reducing your CO2 footprint? It certainly is if you opt to leave the car at home more often and travel off-peak. We are currently running a pilot to find out what works best. If you participate in the pilot, you could receive a travel voucher worth €100.

Building Crossover is a real balancing act

More than a year since construction started, the Crossover building, in the Kop Zuidas district, is visibly starting to take shape. You definitely cannot miss the spectacular office tower of this multifunctional complex, which almost looks as if it is leaning.

New shared transport hub in Arnold Schönberglaan

On the south side of the A10, along Arnold Schönberglaan, we have set up a shared transport hub. Travellers will be able to use it to access a shared bike, scooter or car. The hub is a pilot and will be here until 2023.

Circular concrete in The Newton sustainable housing complex

The first concrete has been poured for the energy-efficient apartment block The Newton in Kop Zuidas, on which construction started last year. But this is not just any concrete. The Newton will have the highest percentage of circular concrete in the Netherlands.

Tripolis-Park approaches completion

Around 18 months after construction started, Tripolis-Park is now gradually nearing completion. On the outside, the final sections of the new sustainable façade are being added to the former towers. Inside, the contractor is working on the finishing details.

Dismantling temporary courthouse is precision work

Now that the inside of the temporary courthouse has been dismantled, the contractor is starting to take apart the outside. It is a job that requires the utmost precision, because the building is soon to be reassembled piece-by-piece in Enschede.

Will your favourite project win the Zuidas Sustainability Award?

In 2020 or 2021, did you develop or implement a sustainable project, place one in the spotlight or enable one to grow in some other way? If so, why not compete for the first Zuidas Sustainability Award? An expert judging panel will assess the entries.
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