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Tribute to women composers in Mahlerplein

On 15 September, 2022, we are joining forces with Het Concertgebouw and Festival Muze van Zuid to organise a free open-air concert. This is your opportunity to become acquainted with the work of several women composers, whose names will be used for new streets and squares in Zuidas.

Attention movie fans: World Cinema Amsterdam in Rialto VU

After a period of restrictions because of coronavirus, the Rialto VU movie theatre is now well and truly in business. From 20 to 27 August 2022, it will be the main venue for World Cinema Amsterdam, the annual festival featuring international movies, many of them by young directors.

British School site brings generations together

There are plans to build social rented housing on the former site of the British School Amsterdam (BSA) in Fred. Roeskestraat. Since this will take a while, we have temporarily relandscaped the area, making it a lot greener. Pupils from the Geert Groote College nearby could not be happier.

Paint growing outside the old courthouse

The former courthouse in Parnassusweg will soon be home to a museum of modern art. Until then, the building is being put to good use by artists. Dorette Evers has even transformed the two raised beds in front of the building into a paint garden.

Enjoy some art and a stroll through Zuidas

Zuidas is much more than office blocks. Did you know, for example, that many public spaces in Zuidas are full of art? We have devised a walk that will show you 14 unique public works of art, and there’s even an audio tour to go with it. Try the Zuidas Art Tour today!

There is plenty to do in and around the Zuidas Summer Shack

The summer holiday season is here – so let’s get into it! The Zuidas Summer Shack will open on Gustav Mahlerplein on 12 July 2022 and there will be so much to see and do. There’s a lot going on in the area over the summer. Come and find out more – learn, join in and have fun!

Last AFC pitch move makes space for housing

The fifth and final AFC pitch has now been moved in a northerly direction. This completes the redevelopment of the sports park. It has created space for the new Ravel residential neighbourhood, where we will be building around 1,350 homes in the years ahead.

McDonald’s The Gustav not yet totally ruled out

The establishment of a McDonald’s underneath The Gustav housing complex has not yet been completely ruled out. The environmental permit issued by the City of Amsterdam may no longer apply, but the fast food chain still has several other options.

Dutch Building Day proves hotspot for 1,800 people

It was a hot day. Whether you were on the roof, on the work site next to the A10 or between the railway tracks, or took part in one of the guided tours. But, despite this, there was a lot of interest in Dutch Building Day in Zuidas. Around 1,800 people came to take a look.

18 June: Dutch Building Day in Zuidas

On 18 June 2022, you have an opportunity to see the real Zuidas. During Dutch Building Day, you can gain access to construction sites and we’ll show you around the neighbourhood. Join us in Mahlerplein, right next to Amsterdam Zuid station. It promises to be a fun day out, including for children.

OBA NEXT not coming to Zuidas after all

OBA NEXT, the innovative and inspirational location for learning and development, will not be coming to Zuidas after all. This was made clear in the coalition agreement presented by the new municipal council on 25 May 2022. The development will be moved to Amsterdam Zuidoost instead.

Experience Zuidas during Building Day on 18 June

Are you interested in the renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station? Would you like to get an insider's view of the best buildings and construction projects? Perhaps you have an interest in architecture, art or urban landscaping? If so, join us on Dutch Building Day in Zuidas on 18 June 2022.
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