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Visual artist creates ‘carnival mural’ to brighten up Atrium parking garage

The visual artist Cesare Botti has created an artwork on the wall of the old parking garage of Atrium, opposite hotel INNSiDE. This is a Zuidasdok initiative. Botti’s ‘Mural Carnival’ is temporary: the Brittenpassage will be located here in a few years’ time.

Kindercampus ‘community hub in the new Ravel neighbourhood’

In 2024, the Kindercampus Zuidas childcare centre is moving to a brand-new building in the new Ravel residential neighbourhood. As a result, the primary school and childcare facility is set to take on a real community function. ‘We still want to have a place where we can continue to build huts.’

Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre reopens

The doors have been closed for months, but it’s finally happened. The Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre has reopened: from 10:00 and 16:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Of course, the current restrictions still apply.

Renowned landscape architect Piet Oudolf visits the Valley building

On 21 June 2021, the world-famous landscape architect Piet Oudolf, who designed the gardens for Valley, visited the building for the first time and he was impressed by what he saw. We joined him to see how Valley is becoming a vertical green valley.

Losing those extra lockdown kilos

Gyms and sports facilities are enthusiastically opening their doors again after a long period of closure. There are quite a few of them in Zuidas, but so far, they are not as busy as they could be, so they are looking for creative ways to get people who live or work locally moving again.

Marigolds and pumpkins in this temporary school garden

Soon, an enormous office building will be built on the plot of land between the EMA building and Van der Valk, but for the next eighteen months the plot will be home to a school garden for local children and the whole community. Years 4 and 5 at the AICS school have created a ‘community garden’ there – and anyone who lives or works in the area is welcome.

Zuidas to have a weekly market

From 2 September 2021, Thursday will be market day in Zuidas. Up to thirty market stalls, with a focus on food, will then be offering their fresh produce in Gershwinplein. The market will run for an initial 18-month trial period.

Four years of construction work on the new courthouse in pictures

We’ve been following the construction of the largest courthouse in the country closely for nearly four years now. The project started by clearing away the rubble of what was there before and will end on Monday 3 May 2021 with the first court proceedings. We would like to thank the many hundreds of people who have created this iconic new building in Zuidas.

Why not take a walking tour around Amsterdam Zuidas?

Would you like to get to know Zuidas better? Then why not try our free audio tour on your mobile phone? It will give you your very own guided tour around the area. The first tour is called ‘Zuidas in a Nutshell’ and is narrated by urban planner Ton Schaap, who takes you through the past, present and future of Amsterdam Zuidas.

Southern Mahlerplein now ‘a hundred times better’

It took a while, but the new landscaping of the southern section of Mahlerplein is almost complete. Inappropriately parked scooters and bikes have made way for natural stone and trees. Residents are delighted with the makeover.

Rainbow staircase to Zuidplein unveiled

The rainbow staircase, connecting Zuidplein and Strawinskylaan to each other, was officially unveiled on 31 March 2021. This means that Zuidas has another landmark, one that aims to boost the visibility and acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Amsterdam Open Tower Day extended until 27 March

The ninth Open Tower Day is taking place today (20 March 2021). This time, it is online and you can enjoy the panoramic views in a series of 3D photos. Because of the positive responses, the photos can now be viewed until Saturday, 27 March.
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