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Renovation work starts on Europaplein-Oost

The renovation work on Europaplein-Oost, opposite the RAI, will be starting on 8 November 2021. Before it can be relandscaped, some things will need to be removed. By the summer of 2022, the neighbourhood will have a new green area to enjoy.

‘A flourishing RAI in a flourishing environment’

A sustainable and multifunctional meeting place, with the delivery and transport of goods underground and housing on top. That is the future plan for the area around the RAI. In a letter to the Council, Deputy Mayor Everhardt has expressed his support for this Masterplan.

Design for Europaplein-Oost now definitive

After two years of designing and talking to local residents, we now have a definitive design for Europaplein-Oost, located opposite RAI. We have made a few changes to the provisional design that we presented in December 2020.