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Feel like some fresh air? Take a walk around Zuidas!

This holiday season, the pandemic means that a quick visit to the cinema, the theatre, a cafe or restaurant is off the cards. But if you still feel like getting out and about, why not take a walk around Zuidas? There are two surprising audio tours for you to try, in your own time and at your own pace.

Air ambulance moves to Amsterdam Heliport

The permanent base for the air ambulance will move away from the roof of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, significantly reducing noise pollution for local residents.

New streets in Zuidas to be named after female composers

They were shunned and unknown during their own lifetimes, but now the names of female composers will add some diversity to the streets of Zuidas. ‘They died sad and lonely – and that’s why now, after all these years, we have to honour their work.’

Three parties invited for OBA NEXT design

An important first step has now been taken in the development of OBA NEXT. Three consortia have been invited to submit designs for the new library and the offices in the Innovation District (‘Kenniskwartier’).

Progress update on works in Beethoven neighbourhood

In the Beethoven neighbourhood, where a section of Beethovenstraat and part of Beatrixpark are located, housing is set to be built and an annex of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam is also being developed. Progress on both of these projects has turned out to be slightly different from our earlier reports.

Potential WTC extension becomes overall masterplan study

The owner of WTC Amsterdam, CBRE Investment Management, is conducting a masterplan study on the long-term future structure of the entire WTC complex. This means that the extension work on towers A and B will not be happening, at least for now.

Work starts on the construction of 101 ‘The Newton’ apartments

Construction work started on the apartment complex ‘The Newton’ on 22 November 2021. The building will accommodate 101 modern, energy-efficient free-market rental apartments. They will be located in Kop Zuidas, the most easterly neighbourhood of Zuidas.

Off to the movies in Rialto VU on De Boelelaan

Since 12 November 2021, the lecture hall benches in the New University Building at De Boelelaan 1111 have been doubling up as a cinema in the evenings. The Rialto movie theatre is showcasing some of the best films for local residents, students, hospital staff and people working in Zuidas.

Renovation work starts on Europaplein-Oost

The renovation work on Europaplein-Oost, opposite the RAI, will be starting on 8 November 2021. Before it can be relandscaped, some things will need to be removed. By the summer of 2022, the neighbourhood will have a new green area to enjoy.

‘It’s incredible what's still in store for this area’

Amazement, surprise and excitement. Many of the people who took part in Open Day in Zuidas, on Saturday, 30 October 2021, could hardly believe their eyes. Despite the turbulent weather, around a thousand people attended at least one of the many activities. And they had a great time.

‘A flourishing RAI in a flourishing environment’

A sustainable and multifunctional meeting place, with the delivery and transport of goods underground and housing on top. That is the future plan for the area around the RAI. In a letter to the Council, Deputy Mayor Everhardt has expressed his support for this Masterplan.

Public space landscaped in Rosy Wertheimstraat

It took longer than was planned, but the green landscaping work started in Rosy Wertheimstraat in the week of 18 October 2021. This followed discussions with local residents who were given an opportunity to say how they wanted their street to be landscaped.
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