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OBA NEXT not coming to Zuidas after all

OBA NEXT, the innovative and inspirational location for learning and development, will not be coming to Zuidas after all. This was made clear in the coalition agreement presented by the new municipal council on 25 May 2022. The development will be moved to Amsterdam Zuidoost instead.

Largest social housing project in Zuidas starts

Construction work started on Stepstone on 1 April 2022. Boasting 216 rental apartments for first-timers, this is the largest social housing project so far in Zuidas. In the same neighbourhood, Kenniskwartier (Knowledge District), some 2,700 homes are being built in the years ahead.

City Executive approves new Kenniskwartier development

The Amsterdam City Executive has approved the development plan for the area to the east of The Edge. This makes it possible to build housing, together with amenities and offices, set in a calm and green courtyard garden.

Air ambulance moves to Amsterdam Heliport

The permanent base for the air ambulance will move away from the roof of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, significantly reducing noise pollution for local residents.

New streets in Zuidas to be named after female composers

They were shunned and unknown during their own lifetimes, but now the names of female composers will add some diversity to the streets of Zuidas. ‘They died sad and lonely – and that’s why now, after all these years, we have to honour their work.’

Three parties invited for OBA NEXT design

An important first step has now been taken in the development of OBA NEXT. Three consortia have been invited to submit designs for the new library and the offices in the Innovation District (‘Kenniskwartier’).

Off to the movies in Rialto VU on De Boelelaan

Since 12 November 2021, the lecture hall benches in the New University Building at De Boelelaan 1111 have been doubling up as a cinema in the evenings. The Rialto movie theatre is showcasing some of the best films for local residents, students, hospital staff and people working in Zuidas.

Next phase in the development of Innovation District

Housing, offices and amenities around a courtyard garden. This is what is planned for the area between The Edge (offices of Deloitte and AKD) and The Pulse (now under construction). This is according to the new development plan drawn up for this area.

New football pitches for SC Buitenveldert

Three new artificial grass pitches have been laid at SC Buitenveldert football club this summer. The club is located between Mahlerlaan and De Boelelaan, and its old pitches were worn out. ‘We’ll be able to use these new pitches for many years to come’, said board member Paul Rijnierse.

Sneak preview of the new VU Rialto Cinema during World Cinema Amsterdam film festival

We have some news about the latest cultural event to be happening in Zuidas: in early November, the VU Rialto Cinema will be opened in the New University Building on De Boelelaan. Would you like a sneak preview? Then why not come to the World Cinema Amsterdam film festival, between 26 and 28 August 2021?

Start of tender process for OBA NEXT, bicycle parking facility and offices

The plans for OBA NEXT combine three big ambitions – a public library for the future, a public space at the heart of Zuidas that will contribute to cultural goals and a place where all residents of Amsterdam can improve their skills (including their digital skills). This is the essence of what we are asking participating parties to come up with in their development plans for Zuidas. Registrations opened on 15 July 2021.

OBA NEXT, a vibrant learning and development facility for everyone

In OBA NEXT, Zuidas is set to have a special learning and development facility where everyone will soon be welcome. Various parties are now joining forces to make a success of this new meeting place.
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