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18 June: Dutch Building Day in Zuidas

On 18 June 2022, you have an opportunity to see the real Zuidas. During Dutch Building Day, you can gain access to construction sites and we’ll show you around the neighbourhood. Join us in Mahlerplein, right next to Amsterdam Zuid station. It promises to be a fun day out, including for children.

Local school children design sustainable residential district

For their module in ‘sustainable local development’, pupils from Vossius Gymnasium have been working on ideas for the Ravel district. They talked to experts, carried out field research and presented their ideas to a jury – who were very impressed!

Final design for the ‘green gateway’ at Kop Zuidas

The Kop Zuidas neighbourhood will get a new ‘green gateway’. It will be an exclave of the larger Hogelandplein and the design has now been finalized. We will start work on creating the green gateway at the start of 2023.

OBA NEXT not coming to Zuidas after all

OBA NEXT, the innovative and inspirational location for learning and development, will not be coming to Zuidas after all. This was made clear in the coalition agreement presented by the new municipal council on 25 May 2022. The development will be moved to Amsterdam Zuidoost instead.

Two slender residential towers next to Beatrix Park

Two residential towers with a total of 196 apartments will be built on one of the two sites available next to Beatrix Park. Real estate developer Breevast presented their plans for this location to local residents in January 2022.

Experience Zuidas during Building Day on 18 June

Are you interested in the renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station? Would you like to get an insider's view of the best buildings and construction projects? Perhaps you have an interest in architecture, art or urban landscaping? If so, join us on Dutch Building Day in Zuidas on 18 June 2022.

Zuidasdok report on the second half of 2021

Zuidasdok has updated Amsterdam City Council and the Dutch House of Representatives on progress made in the second half of 2021. The renovation of Amsterdam Zuid was given the go-ahead and the tender procedure for tackling the De Nieuwe Meer interchange was initiated.

Friday art walks in May and June

On six consecutive Fridays in May and June 2022, you can enjoy an art-themed walk through Zuidas. The route takes you past a variety of art collections and exhibitions, including an exhibition by the Bijbels Museum (‘Biblical Museum’) in Circl Pavilion.

Well House exudes health and flexibility

Later in the year, construction work is expected to start on Well House, one of the world’s tallest wooden office towers. We talked to offices investment company NSI about the design, wooden construction, working in a post-Covid era and even about 'spekkoek' (a type of layered cake).

€100 travel voucher for a sustainable, accessible Zuidas

Is it really possible to keep Zuidas accessible while also reducing your CO2 footprint? It certainly is if you opt to leave the car at home more often and travel off-peak. We are currently running a pilot to find out what works best. If you participate in the pilot, you could receive a travel voucher worth €100.

Building Crossover is a real balancing act

More than a year since construction started, the Crossover building, in the Kop Zuidas district, is visibly starting to take shape. You definitely cannot miss the spectacular office tower of this multifunctional complex, which almost looks as if it is leaning.

New shared transport hub in Arnold Schönberglaan

On the south side of the A10, along Arnold Schönberglaan, we have set up a shared transport hub. Travellers will be able to use it to access a shared bike, scooter or car. The hub is a pilot and will be here until 2023.
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