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Start construction work The Gustav and The George

What will happen and how will you be affected?

BAM Wonen recently started setting up the construction area. A site office was installed and a parking area constructed on De Boelelaan. The construction pit will be levelled at the end of November, in order to drive in the steel sheet piling using a crane (a low-noise and vibration-free method). Sometimes, the sheet piling cannot be brought to depth completely using this method.

In this case it may be necessary to drive in the sheet piling completely using vibration. This leads to slightly more noise nuisance, but generally speaking this doesn’t last very long. During the construction of The Gustav and The George the foundation piles are screwed in. No work is done during the Christmas holidays. From 8 January 2018 we will start screwing in the piles. This is also a low-noise and vibration-free construction method, and we expect little or no nuisance. In mid-February we will start installing the drainage and excavating the construction pit. The excavated soil is removed from the area using trucks.

Working hours and schedule

The contractor has a licence to work from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 19:00. Those in the immediate vicinity will be informed, in advance, if there is a need to carry out work outside these hours. Weather or other unexpected conditions can cause delays. For this reason, all of the dates listed here may be subject to change. If major changes occur you will be informed about this by the contractor.

Contact and further information for the City of Amsterdam, Zuidas

The City of Amsterdam, Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office does not commission construction work, but plays a coordinating role in all construction work in the Zuidas district. If you have any questions or comments about the projects in your neighbourhood, please contact:

The Amsterdam Zuidas Development Office’s Information Centre

0800 5065 (available 24/7)

Contact details BAM Construction

For questions regarding the construction of The Gustav and The George, please contact the contractor for BAM Construction: Mr Paul Spaargaren, on +31 (0)20 5694694 or +31 (0)620200261 or send an e-mail to

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