Zuidas Ontwikkelt

How do you like living in Zuidas?

Do you live in Zuidas? Congratulations, this means that you are one of around 4,000 citizens of Amsterdam with an opportunity to express your view about it. Your opinion is essential in helping to make the Zuidas residential district as attractive as possible.

Zuidas is developing into a rather special Amsterdam city district, where it is pleasant to spend time, work and to live. This development is happening fast. In the years ahead, we are building thousands of homes in Zuidas, for people across the income scale.

Increasing numbers of homes

Although Zuidas was always intended to be a residential district, the main focus was initially on employment. The Zuidas vision document published in 2016 (Vision Zuidas 2016, summary pdf) gave an additional boost to Zuidas as a place to live (while also boosting vibrancy, sustainability and accessibility). Since then, many new homes have been built and new residents have arrived. Over the next ten years, we are building at least 7,000 homes in Zuidas, which will make the neighbourhood even more vibrant.

Summertime Housing Complex
Relocating to Zuidas Photo: Jan Vonk

Your opinion matters

Your opinion is extremely important in ensuring that this development reflects the needs and wishes of residents as far as possible. After all, you know what it’s like to live in Zuidas, what you think of your home and your local environment and what is still lacking or could be improved. This information will help us to make Zuidas more attractive, not only for you but also for the people who relocate to Zuidas in the years to come.

Photo: Jan Vonk

Will you take part?

Complete the survey via this link. It will take around 10 minutes. You have until 27 January 2019 to complete the survey. Of course, your answers will be processed completely anonymously and we will not make use of your personal data. Many thanks, also on behalf of future Zuidas residents.

Living in De Boelegracht...
...or in Gershwinlaan Photo: Jan Vonk


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