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Trees De Boelelaan readied for replanting again

We are going to redevelop the section of the De Boelelaan between the Beethovenstraat and the Parnassusweg / Buitenveldertselaan, however this project was slightly delayed due to all the coronavirus turmoil. As a consequence the trees cannot be replanted this autumn, which was originally the intention. To prevent the common limes from overgrowing next spring, we are going to pre-treat them again. Their roots will then be kept within bounds in the next growing season. This ensures that they will be easy to replant. Because the replanting was delayed, there is more time for the preparation of the replanting. In May 2019 we readied half of the corm. BTL Bomendienst recommended preparing another quarter of the corm. That is what we are going to do now.

The preparation of the common limes in May 2019
Marcel Steinbach

Creating new roots

The common limes along this busy road are part of the main tree structure of Amsterdam. We can treat the trees now because the spring growth has come to a halt. And the season for the twigs, new branches that do not grow in the spring but around the Day of Saint John (24 June, a Christian holiday), has also come to an end. However, it is important to carry out the preparation as long as there is still root growth. The trees can then still create new roots in the prepared corm.

Guiding principles redevelopment

Last year in June we discussed the redevelopment of the middle section of the De Boelelaan with about 80 interested parties. Also on the basis of all ideas and proposals that were then discussed, we drafted the guiding principles for the redevelopment of the De Boelelaan. These were adopted by the Municipal Council on 20 March 2020.

De Boelelaan, between the Beethovenstraat and the Buitenveldertselaan / Parnassusweg
Marcel Steinbach

Healthy trees

The retreatment of the trees involves the same fourteen common limes that we also worked on in May 2019. They are the healthiest trees that we can shortly lift from their spot during the activities and then assign a new spot to them. It regards fourteen large trees that are located between the cycle path and the road of the De Boelelaan. Eight will return to the existing row of common limes, six will be placed in the new to be developed green strip along the De Boelegracht.

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