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The A10 South will be closed in the westerly direction. For traffic coming from the A2/10 East (Oost), the S108 exit (Oud-Zuid) will not be accessible. The S109 (Buitenveldert) and S110 (Rivierenbuurt) exits will be open for local traffic only. All other traffic will be diverted via the A2, A9 and A4. This means that if you wish to reach the VUmc or return home after visiting the Ziggo Dome, for example, you will be diverted via the A2. The A10 South in the direction of Utrecht will remain open.


General map of Zuidas and surrounding area
The northbound lane will be closed in the night of 21/22 February

Northernmost bridge closed

The Schinkelbrug bridge is actually made up of five bridges crossing the Schinkel alongside each other. The two on the outside are for vehicles and the ones in the middle for railway and metro tracks. The closure will affect the northernmost bridge for vehicles. The work will be carried out in the aboveground area under the bridge, below the road surface, where the rotatory machinery is located. For this to happen, the bridge needs to be open. In order to prevent traffic disruption as far as possible, the work will be done at night.

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Zuidasdok builds work island between the tracks

We are in the process of preparing the construction of two roof sections for the additional entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station. The work will be done between two metro tracks. So how do you build two huge pieces of concrete with only minimal space in which to work? According to Emiel Vergouw, that’s not the only challenge.

Two roof sections for new station passageway in 2021

Work on the additional passenger tunnel for Amsterdam Zuid station, the Brittenpassage, is slowly continuing. In April and August 2021, we will be inserting the second and third roof sections into position. Work outdoors to prepare for this is already starting on 14 September 2020.

Tendering process for new Amsterdam Zuid station starts on 27 October

The tendering process for the renovation and extension of Amsterdam Zuid Station will be officially launched on 27 October 2020. This is according to an announcement made by Zuidasdok today. The preliminary announcement was published on TenderNed on 3 September.
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