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Of course, the green and leafy, low-traffic Ravel residential district needs to be provided with water, electricity and internet services. This will be the first work done on this new district, on the site of the future Maurice Ravellaan, the avenue that will soon form the extension to Gustav Mahlerlaan. The Goed Genoeg municipal sports park (AFC’s home ground) will be on one side and the Ravel residential district, with 1,350 homes, on the other. Many of the homes are intended for households with children. With this in mind, we are developing an avenue with separate cycle paths and footpaths and two lanes for vehicle traffic with a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h. Children will be easily able to cross the road to play in the sports park.

New utilities

But that is all in the future. ‘First, we intend to remove the unnecessary pipes and cables and install a new utility infrastructure’, says project manager Rogier Schravendeel. Removing pipes and cables is precision work. ‘The last thing you want to do is hit an important cable. When the ground has been cleaned up, we’ll dig a 5-metre-deep trench and extend the pipes and cables to Ravellaan, to enable us to develop the Ravel residential district. We will then use this road for the freight traffic that will supply the materials for the construction of homes, offices and amenities. Maurice Ravellaan itself will not be built until after that.’

Meanwhile at Valley

In other news, we have also been hard at work at Valley removing old pipes and cables along Beethovenstraat since 7 September 2020. After that, the new utilities for Valley will be installed, with the work schedule for completion in mid-2021. The cycle path next to Valley on the eastern side of Beethovenstraat will therefore be closed until December. Cyclists need to cross over onto the western side.

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