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Hanging seven cubes onto Valley

Valley has now become an unmissable eye-catcher in Zuidas. In mid-June, an extraordinary job was on the schedule. The Valley construction consortium started work hanging and fitting seven large protruding parts onto the building. Our photographer was on hand to capture it.

For technical reasons, these parts of Valley cannot be put together on the storeys themselves. This is because they protrude too far outside the existing structure. Instead, the Valley Amsterdam construction consortium assembles the steel cubes on the ground. A gigantic crane then hoists them into position. ‘Once up there, we hang them to the bolted joints that have already been fitted into the flooring on each level’, says construction site manager Ruud van der Thiel. When the steel frames are in place, the pouring of the concrete floor can start. As a result, these protruding sections gradually become fused with the existing structure. So far, two of the seven cubes are in position.

All of the photos are by Marcel Steinbach. We’ve been following construction of Valley since the very start.

The steel colossus sets off...
...and begins its upward journey
Then the process of attaching it to the existing structure starts
It looks like this
Each cube is approximately 20 sq. m. in size
So far, two of the seven cubes are in position
At Valley, these cubes are known as 'specials'
Soon, these 'specials' will be fully integrated parts of the building


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