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The initiatives range from the placement of district benches to a TV series about working, living, and recreating in Zuidas. You can find all 14 plans on this Dutch page, where you can also vote and follow the result. To cast your vote it is, however, a requirement that you live in Zuidas or Buitenveldert. It is only possible to vote with a code that you, as a resident, received by post. Lost the code? No problem: send an email with your name and address to

All districts covered

Under the motto ‘as a resident, you know what is best for the district’, the district budget was created. All – often clustered – districts in Amsterdam are covered and receive an amount that can be spent on various initiatives. The 14 plans for Buitenveldert and Zuidas that have now made it to the final are the result of a previous voting round. All ideas were welcome, both big and small. Residents, entrepreneurs, and organisations could submit plans throughout the month of June 2020. Up to and including 10 July 2020, these plans could be ‘liked’ online. After they had been checked on feasibility, the 14 plans with most of the ‘likes’ continued to the final round. And that is now underway. So make your voice heard.

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