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Why not take a walking tour around Amsterdam Zuidas?

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Ton Schaap is an urban planner and supervisor at Zuidas. At the points marked on your mobile phone, he will tell you all about the history and development of Zuidas, take you on a tour of the Zuidasdok project, and also let you know which urban architect inspired Taco Postma when he came up with his design for 900 Mahler. The tour is approximately 1.7 kilometres long and will take you about 60 minutes if you listen to the audio commentary in full. The walk will take you to nine locations which Schaap will tell you more about: Amsterdam Zuid station, Mahlerplein, the Brittenpassage, 900 Mahler, the Ella Building (social housing), The George, Valley (under construction) and the Ravel residential area which will soon be under development.

900 Mahler
Jan Vonk

Favourite location

Ton Schaap is the perfect person to take you on this tour. Not only has he been following developments in Zuidas very closely for many years, he has also made his own mark on the area. For him, the section of Gershwinlaan between The George and The Gustav is the most interesting part of the route. Listen to the commentary to find out why.

The George
Jan Vonk

Who is the tour for?

‘Zuidas in a Nutshell’ (‘Ommetje Zuidas in een notendop’) is our first audio tour, but it won’t be the last. There will be more to come, each with a different theme. This first tour will take you through the past, present and future of Amsterdam Zuidas, making it the perfect introduction to the area. It’s also a fun and safe thing to do outdoors, given the current circumstances. You can walk the route with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, with your partner or even a prospective new romantic partner (please let us know if this turns out to be the case, as we’d love to talk to you about it). We hope you enjoy it!

Give your opinion

Anne Cooper

It would be really nice if the walking tour was also in English but it is understandable it is not. I will follow to tour in any event to see the amazing architecture.