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6 October: meeting about site formerly occupied by British School

The British School Amsterdam moved from Fred. Roeskestraat 94A to its new building in the Havenstraat in April 2021. That means the old building is empty, and demolition work is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2022. That will free up space to create 150 to 200 social rental homes.

Mixed usage

The houses are the result of a decision taken in 2011 to ‘transform Fred. Roeskestraat from a monofunctional area with mainly schools into a mixed area with housing, offices, schools and facilities’. A lot of progress has already been made. Anybody walking down Fred. Roeskestraat today will see a mix of office buildings, facilities, schools and homes. In addition, the Housing Agenda 2025 was adopted by the city council in 2017, with the primary aim of providing ‘sufficient, affordable and good-quality housing’. The social rental housing to be built on the site formerly occupied by the British School will contribute to diversity ambitions, as well as to realizing the Housing Agenda.

Two building blocks

Local residents have many questions about the construction plans. We held an information meeting in June 2021 to answer their questions. However, it seems that more information is now needed, in part because the plans have evolved over the last few years. The idea then was for a larger-scale development across two lots: the lot on which the De Fred residential building currently stands and the British School lot. Now, the plan is to realize two building blocks on this latter lot, each with a maximum height of 30 metres. On the ground floor, space will need to be created for facilities that add quality and diversity to the street. Above those there will be homes.

Connection to Zuider Amstelkanaal

Thanks to the modified plans, it would also be possible to create a connection between Fred. Roeskestraat and the Zuider Amstelkanaal. That is a very pleasant green space, but it is not easily accessible at present. The idea is to create a shortcut to the west of the lot, past the Rietveld Academy, so that Fred. Roeskestraat will be better connected to the bridge over the Zuider Amstelkanaal and therefore also with the Stadionbuurt

Would you like more information?

We warmly invite you to attend the online meeting on Wednesday 6 October, from 19.30 to (approx.) 21.00. You will hear more about the spatial plans for residential buildings and you can ask questions about and give feedback on the plans of this location. You can register by sending an email to You will then receive confirmation and (on 6 October) a link to participate in the meeting in MS Teams.

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