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Living in Zuidas

Living in Zuidas

The municipality of Amsterdam is working on a beautiful city district. Zuidas is developing into a popular, international residential area, featuring architecture, a green public space and a high level of amenities. By late 2017, Zuidas had about 2,600 completed homes. In the years ahead, several buildings with housing are set for completion. They include both rental and owner-occupied properties. By 2030, the number will have reached 7,000. 

Housing projects under construction

The Newton

  • 101 private sector homes
  • 46 – 110 sq. m.
  • Completion: 2023
Artist impression The Newton

The Pulse of Amsterdam

• More than 150 mid-market rental properties
• Total number of homes still to be announced
• Office accommodation from 800 to 2,000 sq. m.
• Hospitality/catering, bowling, and a cinema
• Completion: 2023

Artist's impression The Pulse


• 216 social rental apartments
• For first-timers up to age 28
• 25 to 60 sq. m.
• Completion: 2023/2024

Artist's impression Stepstone

Residential area Ravel

• 1,350 homes
• 40% social rental properties, 40% mid-market rental, and 20% owner-occupied homes
• Offices, commercial and social amenities, education, and hospitality/catering
• Start of construction: 2023

Artist's impression residential area Ravel

Finished housing projects