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Living in Zuidas

Looking for somewhere to live? There are various estate agents, developers, or house-seeking websites, including Funda, Makelaarsland en Woningnet to help you on your way. Below is a list of housing currently under construction or development (last updated: February 2021).

Completion in 2021

Marcel Steinbach


• 198 homes, ranging from 55 to 702 sq. m.
• Office accommodation, cultural amenities, hospitality & catering
• Completion: summer 2021

Completion after 2021

In the years ahead, several buildings with housing are set for completion. They include both rental and owner-occupied properties.

Artist's impression Crossover


• 166 homes
• 9,800 sq. m. of office space
• 500 sq. m. of hospitality/catering
• 600 sq. m. of social amenities
• Completion: 2022

Artist's impression De Puls

De Puls

• More than 150 mid-market rental properties
• Total number of homes still to be announced
• Office accommodation from 800 to 2,000 sq. m.
• Hospitality/catering, bowling, and a cinema
• Completion: 2023

Ravel residential district

Artist's impression Ravel residential district

• 1,350 homes
• 40% social rental properties, 40% mid-market rental, and 20% owner-occupied homes
• Offices, commercial and social amenities, education, and hospitality/catering
• Start of construction: 2023


Artist's impression Stepstone

• 216 social rental apartments
• For first-timers up to age 28
• 25 to 60 sq. m.
• Completion: 2024

Homes already completed

Are you interested in a previously completed property in Zuidas? If so, you can visit the home sales websites Funda and Makelaarsland. Social rental properties available are listed on Woningnet.