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The Intermezzo residential building marks an important step forward in the transformation of Zuidas into a high-quality, mixed urban area. Much of Zuidas has been dominated by office buildings for years. Full of office workers during the day, the area was quiet and empty after office hours. The Intermezzo residential tower brings new urban dynamism with its 170 spacious apartments.

The elegant tower has two faces. On Mahlerlaan, the vertical and grander city-facing side, with a transparent main entrance and large windows on rounded corners with views of the city. On Gershwinlaan, there are spectacularly large balconies, giving the project a distinctive sophistication that resonates with the metropolitan quality of Zuidas. Because of the limited size of the construction site, the contractor opted to build without scaffolding. This had an impact on the design and detailing.

All construction components were pre-prepared in the factory, because the aim was to limit the work on the construction site to assembly only. The details were developed in close consultation with the contractor and prefab builder. The impact on the design of the façade was discussed and resolved at an early stage. As a result, every floor was wind- and water-proof after completion. In addition, the prefab elements also provided immediate protection against falling for construction workers on the floor above.

At a glance

  • Completed: 2017
  • 175 apartments
  • 35 private-sector rental apartments
  • 140 owner-occupied flats
  • Size: 164 to 225 sq. m.
  • Height: 82.5 m, 22 floors
  • Commissioned by: BPD/ERA Contour and Eigen Haard.
  • Contractor: ERA Contour
  • Architect: Inbo