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Reconstruction of De Nieuwe Meer junction

The structural renovation of the A10 Zuid will start with the large-scale reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction. In order to improve safety and traffic flow on the road, we are separating through-traffic from local traffic from this junction.

Work on viaducts

The number of lanes is being increased from four to six in each direction: four for through-traffic and two for local traffic. To make this possible, we are refurbishing the 14 existing viaducts and building a completely new flyover that will connect the A4 with the A10 Zuid. We will be using noise-dampening asphalt and installing noise barriers.


The Schinkelbrug currently consists of five movable bridges: two for the motorway, two for the railway and one for the metro. The most southerly and oldest bridge is being demolished and replaced by two new bridges. We are also building two additional bridges for traffic heading for Amsterdam: one on the north side and one the south side of the existing Schinkelbrug. There will be a cycle path across the Nieuwe Meer on the new southern bridge.

Relocation of S108

The northern access road S108 is being moved in order to make space for the motorway tunnel; traffic heading for Tripolis-Park will then travel via the A10. Next to Amstelveenseweg, we are widening the viaduct and creating a so-called ‘Double Diamond’ junction, briefly guiding traffic to the other half of the road. This will mean that road users will have to deal with only one set of traffic lights rather than two at the connection to the motorway. This is relatively new for the Netherlands. Similar double diamond junctions can be found on the A44/N206 and the A9 close to the centre of Amstelveen.


The contract for this project was awarded in 2022 to the TriAX construction consortium (Dura Vermeer, Heijmans and BESIX). The first phase of the reconstruction of the junction started in 2023 and involves preparatory work, such as a soil survey, the setting up of construction sites and relocation of cables and pipelines.

Visual reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction

Scheduled for completion in 2028:

  • Creation of Amstelveenseweg interchange
  • S108 access road to the A10
  • Widening of Piet Kranenbergpad viaduct
  • Additional Schinkelbrug on northern side
  • Flyover
  • Widening of A10 West

Scheduled for completion in 2031:

  • Relocation of S108 ZUID/VUMC exit
  • Additional Schinkelbrug on southern side
  • Schinkelbrug cycle path
  • Widening of A10 Zuid

According to the current schedule, all parts of the reconstructed De Nieuwe Meer junction will be completely in use by 2031 at the latest.

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