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The Brittenpassage

In addition to the present station passage and under the A10 South motorway and the railroad, we are building a second station passage in the coming years. The new Brittenpassage together with the widened Minervapassage and the extra pedestrian and cyclist passage, the Vivaldipassage, offer a better connection between the north and the south side of Zuidas.

Seven roof sections

The building of the extra station passage starts with the roof consisting of seven sections. These roof sections are placed under the four metro tracks, the four train tracks and at the location where in the future a fifth and sixth train track may be built. After all, Amsterdam Zuid station is meant to become the second train station of Amsterdam when it comes to passenger numbers. The first roof section is already firmly in place under train tracks 2 and 3.

Extremely heavy and large

The installation of the roof sections in the busy Zuidas is an amazing feat and takes quite a bit of time. The roof sections are extremely heavy and large. The first section, that we installed in November 2019, weighed 3 million kilos and was 70 metres long, 12 metres wide, and 2 metres thick. That is why we do not supply the completed roof sections, but we build them on location, in between the metro tracks or directly alongside the motorway where the traffic meanwhile passes as usual. A roof this large and heavy requires a solid foundation. The foundation piles for the roof sections of the Brittenpassage have meanwhile been driven but partly still need to be reinforced and set in concrete, and abutments are required to support the roof elements.

Complicated puzzle

In 2021 willen we twee dakdelen inschuiven vanaf de noordzijde. Die onder metrospoor 1 en treinspoor 4. Om het werk voor die dakdelen in te plannen, moet een ingewikkelde puzzel worden gelegd. Trein en metro moeten er deels voor worden stilgelegd. De afspraak is dat een bouwproject minstens achttien maanden van tevoren bij ProRail een treinvrije periode aanvraagt. Dat is niet voor niets. Die tijd is nodig omdat ProRail te maken heeft met een landelijk treinnetwerk. ProRail wil werkzaamheden kunnen afstemmen of samenvoegen zodat er zo efficiënt mogelijk wordt gewerkt en zo min mogelijk reizigers hinder ervaren. Anderhalf jaar van tevoren legt ProRail de landelijke puzzel die daarna vastligt en Zuidasdok is één van de puzzelstukjes. Ook voor de metro geldt een ruime voorbereidingstijd.


When the roof sections are in place, the excavation of the Brittenpassage and the building of a full-fledged passenger tunnel with shops and facilities, as you are also accustomed of other refurbished stations, will start.

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Between 22 July and 3 August, the A4 and the southern carriageway of the A10 towards Utrecht will be closed. There will also be fewer trains running during this period. During the 11-day period, we will be working on the foundations for the roof sections of the new Brittenpassage. Continue reading to find out exactly what we will we be doing.

Summer disruption for Zuidas traffic and transport

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