Zuidoever is a planned residential complex featuring 53 rental apartments for senior citizens with a care needs assessment. The site is located in Kop Zuidas, the easternmost part of Zuidas, and the residential building will be four storeys high.

Despite their care needs assessment, the future residents of Zuidoever will be given full control of their own lives to the greatest extent possible, and the building is specifically designed to enable this. Seventeen apartments will be constructed on the ground floor and the first two floors, with two apartments for couples to be constructed on the third floor. The apartments will overlook a beautiful and spacious garden on the outside, as well as a winter garden with a glass roof situated inside the complex. As a result, the residents can go ‘outside’ practically all year round. An underground car park with ten parking spaces will also be constructed. The building stands out thanks to its greenery, such as the winder garden, green roofs and integrated flower boxes on both the inside and outside of the balustrades in the communal access areas.

Construction schedule for Zuidoever

Photo: Tangram Architekten

Parties involved

Stichting Cordaan is the client, the design was devised by the Amsterdam-based firm Tangram Architekten and the main contractor for the construction work is M.J. de Nijs en Zonen, based in Warmenhuizen.


The project has strict requirements with regard to energy efficiency and comfort. The building has an average GPR score of 8 (GPR = Municipal Practice Guideline for sustainable construction), with a score of 9 for the Energy category and 8.8 for the Health category.

Additional information

  • 54 residential units
  • 4 above-ground storeys
  • 1 below-ground storey
  • Height of building: 16 metres
  • 135 piles
  • Total GFA: 6,340m, of which nearly 4,000m² is for residential use

Further details



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26 februari 2020 | 09:54

delavalette, Raymond

This place better be good. My niece starting there on April 1, 2020. Not a joke. 😉 😉 😉

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