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Roadworks 2023

Roadworks 2023

In the upcoming period, Zuidasdok is carrying out a lot of work in and around Amsterdam Zuid station. We are moving roof sections for the Brittenpassage into their final position. We are also doing groundworks involving tieback anchors, cables and pipelines and sheet piles. In the Minervapassage, we also building a new Tickets and Service desk for the GVB. The work will cause disruption for local residents and passers-by in the form of noise, vibrations, road closures and diversions. An overview:

Closure of Parnassusweg (heading out of the city) for car traffic

24 July – 1 October

In Parnassusweg, we are building foundations and a support pillar for an additional metro viaduct (M52, North/South line). For a two-month period, we will therefore be diverting cars and buses heading south (in the direction of Amstelveen) in Parnassusweg via Strawinskylaan, Beethovenstraat and De Boelelaan and then back to Parnassusweg. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to continue to use Parnassusweg in both directions.

Diversion in Parnassusweg

Closure of Matthijs Vermeulenpad

1 August – 30 September

On weekdays between 07.00 and 19.00, we will be removing underground cables and pipelines and tieback anchors and installing sheet piles into the ground for the future construction of the motorway tunnel. This work may be audible in the immediate vicinity. All of the cycle racks have already been removed from Matthijs Vermeulenpad for this purpose and parking is no longer permitted. Any bicycles removed will be taken to the Amsterdam bicycle depot.

Closure of Matthijs Vermeulenpad

Station passageway: narrowing and works

14 August – end of October

We are working on the construction of the new GVB Ticket & Service office between the entrance to the Minervapassage (entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station in Zuidplein) and the first row of metro access gates.

Travel advice

Do you have any questions about your journey during the works? If so, you can use the route-planner apps WAZE or TomTom GO or the personal service Ask&Go. You can also use WhatsApp to put any question about driving and travelling by car or public transport to Ask&Go Zuidasdok. There are two ways of doing this: