Vision Zuidas 2016

What will Zuidas look like in 2030? Where are we actually heading? In the meantime, how can we preserve the area’s great residential, working and recreational conditions? This is becoming an even more pressing issue as the start of work on the Zuidasdok project approaches. This is all set out in the 2016 Zuidas Vision policy document. Here, we have sketched out the future of Zuidas, as we see it.

Why a Vision?

Zuidas’s success as a business centre must be sustained. Yet, at the same time, 7,000 homes have to be added to the district and the level of amenities is steadily increasing. All this, while Amsterdam is preparing for one of the largest infrastructure projects in history: Zuidasdok. In the upcoming period our most important challenge will be to maintain and boost the quality of people’s living and working environments. The 2016 Zuidas Vision policy document sets out our goals and aspirations, grouped into various themes. This Vision is not an implementation plan. The Vision creates a focus and provides a framework within which we can steer a course for the further development of Zuidas.

While the 2016 Zuidas Vision policy document is all about spatial developments, buildings and amenities, the Leef Zuidas programme spotlights the area’s residents, users and visitors. The programme focuses on structural and inspiring activities that contribute to the area’s vibrant atmosphere. We are bringing the themes set out in the Vision to life through the events in the Leef Zuidas programme.


The development of the 2016 Zuidas Vision policy document

The new Zuidas Vision policy document was formally adopted by the city council on 5 October 2016. As part of the development of the final Vision policy document, a special project group consulted more than 200 individuals, while more than 800 people in Amsterdam (residents, students, businesspeople, visitors, stakeholders) and other interested parties expressed their views online, and numerous meetings were held (denkZuidas process). It was important to gather as many perceptions, ideas, wishes, dreams and recommendations as possible. This process enabled a draft document to be drawn up, taking as much account as possible of the views of residents, companies, students, and various interest groups.

On 15 December 2015, the Municipal Executive released a draft version of the Zuidas Vision policy document, for public consultation. A total of 31 formal responses were received, containing nearly 300 questions, comments and suggestions. These have all been reviewed and carefully considered. As a result, the latest version includes a number of amendments. See the appendix below: Memorandum of Response 2015 Zuidas Vision Policy Document.

History of the Vision policy document

The first Vision policy document for Zuidas was adopted in the year 2000. The dynamics that are constantly shaping the development of Zuidas mean the Vision policy document has to be reassessed every few years. That was done in 2004, and again in 2009. However, the origins of the Vision policy document can be traced back to the 1990s. When the ABN AMRO bank chose its current site, alongside the A10 orbital motorway, this prompted the authorities to draw up a master plan for Zuidas. The Master Plan was adopted by the city council in 1998. This was the very first vision policy document for Zuidas. During this process, we carefully examined the issues that cities in other countries had encountered when developing similar urban districts. This showed that the development of Zuidas had to strike an effective balance between living and working in the area, and its amenities.

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