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Works in Minervapassage

Works in Minervapassage

In the period ahead, we are working on the roof of the Minervapassage, the entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station. More specifically, we are working on the part of the roof across which the metro trains run. The roof here will be twice as tall as it is now. We are building it in three sections, on the nearby work site. When these are ready, we will remove the existing roof and insert the new one over the passageway.

The work in the Minervapassage is likely to cause some disruption to passengers and local residents. However, metro and railway services will continue as normal. Below is an overview of the works up to mid-July 2023.

17 April – mid-July: narrowing and only one lift

In order to do the work safely, the Nieuw-Zuid construction consortium will be closing off part of the Minervapassage, making it narrower. Only one lift will be available to access the metro platforms. Signs will be in place to indicate which lift it is.

From 24 April: fewer access gates

From 24 April, fewer access gates to the metro platforms will be in use. We are dismantling some of them to create space to install runner piles that will be used to put the roof section into position in June. We are also building an additional support for the new roof.

28-30 April: work on the old roof

From Friday 28 April until Sunday, 30 April, we are working on the roof above the access gates to the metro platforms. We are working from 07.00 to 23.00 on Friday, from 07.00 until 13.00 on Saturday, 28 April and from 11.00 until 19.00 on Sunday, 30 April. We have scheduled Monday, 1 May until the evening of Wednesday, 3 May (19.00 until 23.00) as reserve days. There will be sawing work on some of the existing beams. This will cause noise nuisance in the tunnel. We will use noise-control barriers in an attempt to reduce this.

5-7 May, 9-11 June: diversions

In the weekends of 5-7 May and 9-11 June, a diversion will be in place in the station. The diversion will run via the metro platforms. In the first weekend (May) we are creating space and removing some of the beams in order to insert the first roof section for the new Minervapassage into position during the second weekend (June).

Access to metro platforms

In the station, stewards will help with heavy suitcases. Travelers with bicycles can access the metro platform by using the lift at the entrance at Gustav Mahlerplein. During the May and June works, this is the only lift to the metro platforms.

Special transport between Gustav Mahlerplein and Zuidplein (WTC)

Taxi vans are available at Matthijs Vermeulenpad and Arnold Schönberglaan to take people with walking difficulties from Zuidplein (WTC) to Mahlerplein and vice versa. This transport is available on:

  • Friday: from 9.00 PM to Midnight
  • Saturday: from 6.30 AM to Midnight
  • Sunday: from 7.30 AM to Midnight

Why work in the evenings, at night and at weekends?

The regeneration of the very busy Amsterdam Zuid station is a challenging job. The works cannot be completed without disrupting passengers, businesses and local residents. In order to be able to do the work safely, we are working in the evenings and sometimes at night or at the weekend. This ensures that the many public transport passengers can continue to use the station on working days. We regret that this means that local residents face disruption outside of standard working hours. We are applying various measures in an attempt to keep this disruption to a minimum.


The work is part of the Zuidasdok project involving the widening and tunnelling of the A10 Zuid and the complete renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station. The regeneration is necessary because passenger numbers at Amsterdam Zuid are reaching similar levels as those at Amsterdam Central station.