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Works at Amsterdam Zuid station

Works at Amsterdam Zuid station

Please note: this page will be regularly updated. All schedules are subject to change.

From 13 May until 26 August 2024, we are working on the regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station. In the Minervapassage and the Brittenpassage, we are moving a new roof section into its permanent position. We are increasing the height of metro platform and track 2 (50 and 51 in the direction of Isolatorweg). In Parnassusweg, we are working on the metro viaduct and we are increasing the height of the viaduct in Beethovenstraat. This work may cause you some disruption.

Overview of the works

6-23 July:

noise nuisance

The various works on the metro track will cause noise. During this period, activities can be expected 24 hours per day. The noise will depend on the time and there will only be loud noises during daytime.

Between Saturday, 6 July and Tuesday, 23 July, sheet piles will be installed and removed on a daily basis at Amsterdam Zuid station.
From Saturday, 6 July until Tuesday, 23 July we are carrying out demolition work on the metro track and platform next to Parnassusweg and Beethovenstraat and in the Minervapassage.

These works will all be done during the day, but we have permission to continue working until 21.00 in the event of any delay. Although we will make every effort to reduce noise, there may be some disruption.

7 July-26 August:

modified service for metros 50 (Isolatorweg) and 51 (Gaasperplas)

In order to make it possible for as many metros to run as possible, the service will be interrupted at Amsterdam Zuid station:

  • Metro 50 will run in both directions between Amsterdam Zuid station and Gaasperplas metro station (track 3)
  • Metro 51 will run in both directions between Isolatorweg metro station and Amsterdam Zuid station (track 1)
  • Metro 52 (North/South line) will run according to its normal schedule throughout the entire period

Check your route before departure at

10 July-26 August:

Parnassusweg closures

From 06.00 on Wednesday, 10 July until 05.00 on Monday, 26 August, there will be road closures in Parnassusweg. View the detailed overview of all Parnassusweg closures (PDF – in Dutch only).

10-11 August:

closure of station passageway

In the weekend of Saturday 10/Sunday 11 August, the station will be closed from Zuidplein. There will be a diversion route via Parnassusweg in the direction of Gustav Mahlerplein. The station will be open on that side and the platform entrance in Parnassusweg will also be open for railway passengers. There will be signs to indicate the pedestrian route towards the centre.

Accessibility and special transport

Between 6 July and 26 August, there will be just one escalator/stairway and one lift available to access the metro platforms. In Matthijs Vermeulenpad (WTC/Zuidplein) and Arnold Schönberglaan (Mahlerplein), taxi buses will be standing by to drive people with mobility issues from Zuidplein (WTC) to Mahlerplein and vice-versa. This transport will be available on:

  • Saturday, 10 August: from 05.30 until 01.00
  • Sunday, 11 August: from 05.30 until 01.00

At which locations is the work happening?

See the image below or view this visual (PDF, in Dutch), detailing all the works at each location together with the dates on which the work will be happening.

Why work in the evenings, at night and at weekends?
The regeneration of the very busy Amsterdam Zuid station is a challenging job. We cannot complete the works without disrupting passengers, businesses and local residents. In order to be able to do the work safely, we are working in the evenings and sometimes at night or at the weekend. This ensures that the many public transport passengers can continue to use the station on working days. We regret that this means that local residents face disruption outside of standard working hours. We are applying various measures in an attempt to keep this disruption to a minimum.

The regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid is necessary because passenger numbers at the station are reaching levels similar to those at Amsterdam Central station: around 300,000 public transport passengers every day. The works are part of the Zuidasdok project, which involves the widening and tunnelling of the A10 Zuid and the complete renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station.