Here, you can find everything you need to know about developments in the Zuidas area and the construction of Zuidasdok. The Municipality of Amsterdam is doing everything it can to create a beautiful city district and Zuidasdok is working towards optimal accessibility of Zuidas and the northern section of the Randstad. Together we are Amsterdam Zuidas. Read more
15 November 2019

New EMA head office officially completed

Construction of the new European Medicines Agency (EMA) headquarters was officially completed on Friday, 15 November 2019. Minister Bruno Bruins (Medical Care and Sport) complimented everyone involved on this extraordinary achievement.
13 November 2019

Extra station passageway for Amsterdam Zuid: what next?

On 2 November 2019, the first roof section for the extra passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station was inserted into place through the A10 and the railway track. Masses of you watched the event live – either in person or on the webcams. But this was only the start of things to come. Seven questions about what happens next.
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Zuidas business district

Zuidas is a high-end international knowledge and business centre that is also one of the most important office locations in the Netherlands. To go on meeting prospective demand for ‘A-quality’ office real estate, construction development work will continue throughout the upcoming years. The same applies to the construction of homes and various amenities. Read more
04 November 2019

Roof section for extra passageway under Amsterdam Zuid now in place

It was an exciting weekend. Thousands of people were watching in person or on the webcams, at times teetering between hope and trepidation. But the operation was a success. The first roof section for the extra passenger tunnel is now in place.
30 October 2019

Installing a roof? I thought Zuidasdok had shut down?

As you are probably already aware, you should avoid the Zuidas area on Friday 1 November 2019 and on 2 and 3 November as well. That’s when we will be doing work for the Zuidasdok project. How come? I thought work on Zuidasdok had stopped? No, actually, it hasn’t and we explain why below.
23 September 2019

An urban biotope in Zuidas, with homes, offices and a cinema

A building that combines living and working with public facilities such as a cinema, bowling alley and cafés and restaurants. That is the concept of VORM Ontwikkeling for a new building on the site between the A10 and the sports fields of SC Buitenveldert.
11 September 2019

“Designing a sports park where everyone feels at home”

“It’s an extremely complicated puzzle. We’ve been working on it for the past twenty years.” Designer Joost de Wit and urban planner Martijn de Wit are talking about the refurbishment of the ‘Goed Genoeg’ sports complex which is the home of AFC.
Works:05 September 2019

Friday 1 to Sunday 3 November: A10 South closed and no trains at Zuid and RAI stations

Do not travel to, or through Zuidas by train or car on Friday 1 November. The same applies on 2 and 3 November as well. On those days Zuidasdok will be moving the first roof section of the new passenger tunnel from Amsterdam Zuid station across the A10 South and the railway. The activities can be followed via the webcam from 1 November onwards. Please click here.
03 September 2019

In the words of AFC chairman Ad Westerhof, “This is beyond my wildest dreams”

The ‘Goed Genoeg’ sports park, the home of AFC, is to get new pitches and a new clubhouse. AFC chairman, Ad Westerhof, is happy that work has started because the preparation process was long and caused much debate.