Here, you can find everything you need to know about developments in the Zuidas area and the construction of Zuidasdok. The Municipality of Amsterdam is doing everything it can to create a beautiful city district and Zuidasdok is working towards optimal accessibility of Zuidas and the northern section of the Randstad. Together we are Amsterdam Zuidas. Read more
13 February 2019

Integrated design for Zuidasdok faces delay

More time is needed for a full and proper design for Zuidasdok than was originally predicted. This has been reported across the media. Various issues have arisen during the preparatory work that could have an impact on the project’s realisation and schedule.
08 February 2019

Tendering process for Zuidas MaaS pilot launched

Companies can now tender for the Mobility As a Service (MaaS) pilot in Zuidas. We are in search of a party that is capable of working with committed employers on the rapid development of an attractive and sustainable alternative to the car.
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Zuidas business district

Zuidas is a high-end international knowledge and business centre that is also one of the most important office locations in the Netherlands. To go on meeting prospective demand for ‘A-quality’ office real estate, construction development work will continue throughout the upcoming years. The same applies to the construction of homes and various amenities. Read more
22 January 2019

Sheet pile walls to be vibrated into the ground from Wednesday 23 January

Starting on Wednesday 23 January for approx. two weeks, we will vibrate a number of sheet pile walls into the ground between 8 and 10 a.m. This method causes a certain amount of noise and vibration disturbance.
11 January 2019

How do you like living in Zuidas?

Do you live in Zuidas? Congratulations, this means that you are one of around 4,000 citizens of Amsterdam with an opportunity to express your view about it. Your opinion is essential in helping to make the Zuidas residential district as attractive as possible.
10 December 2018

Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center approaches completion

Walking around the new building on Van der Boechorststraat is a truly spectacular experience. This is the site of a new medical research and treatment centre that is second to none: the Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center.
20 November 2018

Social housing in Zuidas

While some people do not believe we are doing it, others think we are mad to be building social housing in Zuidas. Our policy is the same as for the rest of the city. Of all the homes we are yet to build, 40% is for the social rental segment and 40% for the middle segment.
02 November 2018

Preparations for the construction of Brittenpassage

At the building site on Arnold Schönberglaan, we are currently preparing for an impressive engineering project: the construction of Brittenpassage, which will create an extra underpass below the railway lines and serve as an additional entrance to Amsterdam Zuid Station.
01 November 2018

Ambitious call for tenders for site in the ‘Zuidas Knowledge District’

‘Homes, offices and facilities in a dynamic environment’ is the intended future for the now-empty Plot 2A in the Zuidas Knowledge District (Kenniskwartier) – the area to the west of Parnassusweg. The public call for tenders for this project was issued on Thursday 1 November.