Here, you can find everything you need to know about developments in the Zuidas area and the construction of Zuidasdok. The Municipality of Amsterdam is doing everything it can to create a beautiful city district and Zuidasdok is working towards optimal accessibility of Zuidas and the northern section of the Randstad. Together we are Amsterdam Zuidas. Read more
12 August 2020

Conversion of former office building in Prinses Irenestraat

A former office building on Prinses Irenestraat, built in the 1970s, is to undergo renovation. It was one of the first buildings to be built in Zuidas. The current occupant, the Amsterdam International Community School (AICS), will be relocating to new premises.
10 August 2020

Let’s make Rosy Wertheimstraat a beautiful street

Now that work has been completed on the residential buildings Xavier, The George and The Gustav, it’s time to start work on Rosy Wertheimstraat. But what should we do? That’s exactly what we would like to hear from you about. We’re inviting all residents to contribute their ideas. There’s even an app to help you do this.
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Zuidas business district

Zuidas is a high-end international knowledge and business centre that is also one of the most important office locations in the Netherlands. To go on meeting prospective demand for ‘A-quality’ office real estate, construction development work will continue throughout the upcoming years. The same applies to the construction of homes and various amenities. Read more
05 August 2020

Temporary tram stop on Parnassusweg for new Amstelveen tramline

As a temporary measure, the new tramline to Amstelveen will make an extra stop at Amsterdam Zuid station – at the Parnassusweg stop, which is also served by tramline 5. This is because it will be some time before the tram stop next to the renovated station can be built.
29 July 2020

Removal of Japanese knotweed

To say that Japanese knotweed is rampant is an understatement. Despite its relatively unassuming name, this species of plant can leave a trail of destruction in its wake. Laurence Koetsier: ‘After removing it, we even have to have the soil cleaned.’
27 July 2020

Hulshoff hub delivery service users get cold feet

In order to help tackle the distribution problem in Zuidas last year, removals company Hulshoff offered up its services as a delivery hub for participants in Green Business Club Zuidas. So, how is it all going?
22 July 2020

Two new AFC football pitches completed

The two new AFC football pitches have now been completed. Project supervisor Mascha de Haan: ‘This means that they can now officially be used. It’s actually already happened, unofficially.’
20 July 2020

Moving to Zuidas in the time of coronavirus

Pauline Lingg was really looking forward to her move to Zuidas. That was in January. She is now living in The Gustav and we decided to contact her. ‘Things are pretty quiet around here right now, but my apartment already really feels like home.’
14 July 2020

Instagram museum opens in Kop Zuidas

Entering the world of Upside Down is just like walking into a candy floss. ‘What we offer is an experience, aimed at people who enjoy sharing photos on social media’, says Floor Manager Daan.