Here, you can find everything you need to know about developments in the Zuidas area and the construction of Zuidasdok. The Municipality of Amsterdam is doing everything it can to create a beautiful city district and Zuidasdok is working towards optimal accessibility of Zuidas and the northern section of the Randstad. Together we are Amsterdam Zuidas. Read more
16 September 2020

Zuidasdok builds work island between the tracks

We are in the process of preparing the construction of two roof sections for the additional entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station. The work will be done between two metro tracks. So how do you build two huge pieces of concrete with only minimal space in which to work? According to Emiel Vergouw, that’s not the only challenge.
15 September 2020

Conservatorium comes to Beatrixpark

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam music academy is set to open an annex in Beatrixpark in Zuidas, in the Kapel & Convict (Chapel & Convict) buildings. The City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam School of the Arts have signed a contract to this effect.
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Zuidas business district

Zuidas is a high-end international knowledge and business centre that is also one of the most important office locations in the Netherlands. To go on meeting prospective demand for ‘A-quality’ office real estate, construction development work will continue throughout the upcoming years. The same applies to the construction of homes and various amenities. Read more
11 September 2020

Contours of Maurice Ravellaan start to become visible

We are about to lay the cables and pipelines for the Ravel residential district, on which construction is set to start at the end of 2022. This work will visibly reveal the contours of the new road Maurice Ravellaan. Preparations start on 14 September.
09 September 2020

Two roof sections for new station passageway in 2021

Work on the additional passenger tunnel for Amsterdam Zuid station, the Brittenpassage, is slowly continuing. In April and August 2021, we will be inserting the second and third roof sections into position. Work outdoors to prepare for this is already starting on 14 September 2020.
08 September 2020

Always wanted to try out an e-bike (free of charge)?

We are in search of 50 e-bike test riders willing to share their experiences over a two-week period. This ‘e-bike try-out’ is the brainchild of social enterprise BYCS and Green Business Club Zuidas. Since 5 September, it has also been possible for you to take part. Sign up quickly, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.
07 September 2020

Cabaret amidst the cacti

It must have been quite a surprise to the small, obscure flies that call the Botanic Garden Zuidas home. On 4 September 2020, they witnessed how it was being transformed into an open-air theatre for the first performances of the Huiskamerfestival (‘Living Room Festival’).
04 September 2020

The New Courthouse from inside

Now that most of the scaffolding inside the new courthouse has been removed, it is finally possible to see what the NACH construction consortium and the court had always envisaged: a prominent, recognisable, authoritative and functional building, with some surprising elements.
03 September 2020

Tendering process for new Amsterdam Zuid station starts on 27 October

The tendering process for the renovation and extension of Amsterdam Zuid Station will be officially launched on 27 October 2020. This is according to an announcement made by Zuidasdok today. The preliminary announcement was published on TenderNed on 3 September.