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Concrete Zuidasdok poured

From 07:00 o’clock in the morning, lorry mixers were coming and going over a narrow construction road that runs from the Parnassusweg to the building site. All together they supplied well over 250 cubic metres of mortar. And they had to unload it at a tiny building site, sandwiched between the rail and metro tracks. Around noon, the pouring had come to an end and the hardening started. Late afternoon, the trowelling (smoothening) of the concrete started.


Immediately alongside the building site, the public transport continued its normal timetable, as a result of which travellers could witness this precise piece of work. ‘The concrete pouring proceeded completely flawlessly’, says building manager Jeroen Monnik. ‘Some things – like the weather – are beyond your control, but fortunately we had nothing to complain about.’

Marcel Steinbach

Tweede dakdeel

We are working on the Brittenpassage, the additional passenger tunnel under Amsterdam Zuid station. We are now working on the second segment of the roof of this tunnel. The roof segment is approximately 70 metres long, 4 metres wide, and 1 metre thick. The first roof segment was slid to its location in November 2019.

Power trowel
Marcel Steinbach

Third roof segment

Around Christmas, we will cover this second roof segment with a layer of sand and around Easter 2021, we will start working on the foundation of this roof segment. When this foundation is ready, we start the construction of the third roof segment. We will manoeuvre both the second and the third roof segment to their definitive location, under metro track 1 and rail track 4, in August 2021. You can follow the building process live via a webcam.

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