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Concrete pouring for final roof section for Brittenpassage

We have reached yet another milestone for the new passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station. The intensive construction work on the roof is gradually coming to an end. We are pouring some 240 cubic metres of concrete for the seventh and final roof section of the new Brittenpassage

What do you think of us? Do the survey.

All kinds of things are happening at the same time on the south side of Amsterdam. We are interested in hearing your views about it and what you think about the way we keep you updated. That's why we kindly request 10 minutes of your time to fill out a survey on this.

VU Amsterdam's campus square undergoes metamorphosis

From a patchwork of paving to a green oasis. The campus square at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) is currently undergoing a metamorphosis, which is set to make it the heart of the campus once again. ‘We were assigned the job of making the square more attractive. That’s not too difficult.’

Local neighbourhood wants temporary green landscaping in Kop Zuidas

In September 2023, the Kop Zuidas neighbourhood expressed its views on the temporary landscaping of plots K and L2. In the period before development starts in 2026, people would prefer to see plenty of green areas and space for recreation, sport and play.

Night-time traffic disruption on the A10 In the direction of the A4 Schiphol

In the night of Thursday, 23 and Friday, 24 November, two carriageways will be closed on the A10 In the direction of A4 Schiphol. No diversion will be necessary. During the works, traffic will use a single carriageway.

Safe and green Wielingenstraat completed

On Friday, 20 November work was completed on a safer and greener Wielingenstraat. All the street paving has been replaced and there is a separate cycle path on both sides. There is also a wide, green central reservation.

Work resumes on The Art Bridge across De Boelegracht

Sharp-eyed locals will have already spotted it: after some delay, work on The Art Bridge (‘De Kunstbrug’) across De Boelegracht has resumed. Additional investigations while preparing the foundations led to some delay, postponing the completion date until May 2024.

20 November: sheet pile works in Van Beinumstraat

Starting on Monday, 20 November, we will be using vibration to insert sheet piles into the ground in Eduard van Beinumstraat. This is where we are working to clear the area underground to enable the construction of the northern motorway tunnel. There may be disruption caused by noise and vibration.

119 new student flats in Kenniskwartier

In a few years’ time, 119 student flats are set to be developed in Kenniskwartier (Knowledge District). Housing association DUWO and the City of Amsterdam signed an agreement to that effect on 9 November 2023. Work is now in progress on the details of the design.

Zuidas Sustainability Award presented

In a lively canteen at AFC football club, the Zuidas Sustainability Award was presented for the second time on 9 November 2023. A panel of expert judges selected winners across various different themes. Around a thousand people also voted for the Public Award.

Draft zoning plan for northern zone of IJsbaanpad open for consultation

Zuidas is working on plans for the Verdi neighbourhood, part of which includes the northern zone of IJsbaanpad. This is being given a new use. From 9 November 2023, the draft zoning plan that will make this development possible is open for consultation.

Zuidas applies for general water permit

Starting in 2024, Zuidas intends to begin working with a general permit (‘koepelvergunning’) to cover all works related to water. This general permit will make it possible to gain permission for a large number of water-related works in the whole of the Zuidas area all at once.
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