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Courthouse art provides comfort, distraction and consolation

The stunning new courthouse building is home to an extensive art collection that is also accessible to the public. It serves a very special purpose. ‘The art has a comforting effect in a place where very serious things happen.’

Two weeks without trains at Amsterdam Zuid put to good use

For two whole weeks, there were no trains running via Amsterdam Zuid station because of works by ProRail. Zuidasdok made good use of this by continuing work on the Schinkelbrug bridge, the Brittenpassage and the Vivaldipassage. Our photographer was on hand to capture it.

17 and 18 December: noise disruption on metro platforms

During the weekend of 17 and 18 December, we will again be inserting box piles into the ground at Amsterdam Zuid station. A total of 20 box piles will be inserted next to the metro platforms. This may cause disruption as a result of vibration and noise.

Additional evening works in Beethovenstraat on 2 December

Between 19.00 and 01.00 on the evening of Friday, 2 December, we will be working on the corner of Strawinskylaan and Beethovenstraat. Resurfacing work was recently completed here, but an inspection has revealed that the asphalt was not properly applied. We will now rectify the problem.

Zuidasdok Routing Decision changes open for consultation

Several modifications need to be made to the Zuidasdok Routing Decision (‘Tracébesluit Zuidasdok’). From 30 November 2022, the draft amending decision will be open for consultation for a six-week period. During that time, anyone can submit an opinion on it.

Bats protected during work on De Nieuwe Meer interchange

Today sees the start of the official consultation period for the exemption to the Nature Conservation Act for the De Nieuwe Meer interchange. This exemption regulates how to take special measures to protect nature in order to carry out works that would otherwise not be permissible.

Stepstone set to reach 22nd floor within six months

The Stepstone residential tower, with 216 first-timer apartments, is rapidly getting taller. It currently consists of two floors, but there will very soon be 22, with a total height of 80 m. All of that on a piece of land no bigger than 25 x 25 m.

Local park with light artwork officially opened

Thursday, 17 November saw the official opening of the newly relandscaped Europaplein-Oost. It creates a real meeting place for the neighbourhood, in a green and leafy setting that features a new play area. In the evenings, it will be brought to life by the Virtual Fountains light artwork.

TriAX wins tender for De Nieuwe Meer interchange update

In the tender for the work to reconstruct the De Nieuwe Meer interchange, the offer put forward by TriAX has been judged to be the best. This provisional awarding of the project marks the start of the process of widening one of the busiest motorways in the Netherlands, the A10 Zuid.

Fourth roof section of Brittenpassage completed

Et voilà! The fourth roof section for the second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station is complete. On our work site next to the A10, there is now a sheet of concrete weighing 3 million kilogrammes that we will be sliding under the railway tracks in 2023.

Green light for Zuidasdok

Amsterdam regional transport (Vervoerregio Amsterdam), Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland, NS (Dutch Railways), KLM and Royal Schiphol Group have reached agreement with central government on improving accessibility in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Zuidasdok can now go ahead.

Final PI59 demolition work starts

Since the end of October 2022, there have been sounds of demolition hammers at work in Prinses Irenestraat as the plasterwork and several floors in the former Amsterdam International Community School (AICS) are being demolished. The work will last until mid-December at the latest.
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