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Information Centre

Would you like to know more about developments in Zuidas? If so, you must visit the Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre. You will find us in the WTC in Zuidplein. Or use this menu to take a look around online.

Please note: the Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre is temporarily closed because of the national and local measures currently in force as a result of coronavirus. You can call us on 0800-5065 to discuss what might still be possible. Especially for this period, we are still offering the online crash course in Zuidas mentioned below.

Visiting the Information Centre

The Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre is located in the WTC in Amsterdam’s Zuidplein. You are warmly welcome to visit from 10.00 to 16.00, Monday to Friday. Simply walk right in – one of our information officers will be happy to assist you. If you plan to come with a group, please call (0800-5065) or email ( in advance.

What can you expect?

A central feature of the Information Centre is a large-scale model of the Zuidas project area. One of our information officers will talk you through developments, focusing in on your area of interest. We also have a second model that tells the story of Zuidasdok. In the period ahead, we will be expanding our offering.

Information Centre Address for visitors

Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre
World Trade Center, Central Hall
Strawinskylaan 59
1077 XW Amsterdam