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Losing those extra lockdown kilos

Gyms and sports facilities are enthusiastically opening their doors again after a long period of closure. There are quite a few of them in Zuidas, but so far, they are not as busy as they could be, so they are looking for creative ways to get people who live or work locally moving again.

Creating the third roof section of the Brittenpassage

Fifty mixing trucks containing ten cubic metres of concrete each were needed to create the third roof section for the new pedestrian underpass at Amsterdam Zuid station on 9 June 2021. ‘It was quite a logistical challenge’, says Frank van Klaren of construction consortium ZuidPlus.

Ron Bakker has been working on the WTC for 25 years

Architect Ron Bakker (of PLP Architecture) knows Zuidas like the back of his hand. In 1996, he sketched the master plan for the WTC building. He also designed Tower Ten, which is currently under construction. And now he is working on a possible further expansion for the complex.

Construction projects

Amsterdam Zuidas is working with various developers and contractors to build a completely new city district. The work involves numerous individual building projects. In its early days, Zuidas was an office location for leading companies, now we want the area to be much more than that. It will be a full, unique neighbourhood where people can live, work, and enjoy recreational activities.

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Marigolds and pumpkins in this temporary school garden

Soon, an enormous office building will be built on the plot of land between the EMA building and Van der Valk, but for the next eighteen months the plot will be home to a school garden for local children and the whole community. Years 4 and 5 at the AICS school have created a ‘community garden’ there – and anyone who lives or works in the area is welcome.

Zoning plan approved for Vivaldi

On 27 May 2021, the City Council approved the zoning plan for two plots in the Vivaldi neighbourhood. This clears the way for the construction of two office buildings, temporary parking for bikes and scooters and various facilities.

Testing the stone tiles for the new pedestrian passage: coffee, cola and ketchup

Three new test areas consisting of stone tiles will be installed at Amsterdam Zuid station this summer. Various types of grey stone tiles will be monitored over the coming year to see how they respond to wear and usage. Tests have already been done to see how they cope with spills and stains such as coffee, cola and ketchup.

Beekeeper Eddie: ‘We can learn a lot from bees’

Among the surprisingly lush greenery in Kop Zuidas, amateur beekeeper Eddie Heijblom is busy caring for his new bee colony. Our original meeting had to be postponed because unfortunately, one of Eddie’s bee colonies did not make it through the winter.

Mobility survey: more car journeys and less train journeys – even after the pandemic

People who travel to and from Zuidas for work used a car more often than the train in 2020. That change that is likely to persist even after the pandemic is over. This was one finding of the Zuidas Mobility Survey, which was dominated by the pandemic.

The monumental Princesseflat and its tormented architect

‘No solution to gross profiteering’ rang the headline in the 'Het Vrije Volk' newspaper in 1963. Below, it read: ‘Apartment worth 50,000 guilders on the market for 150,000’. The report will certainly not have been the best of news for the man who had an office just above the garages next to the apartment complex.
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