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Over 200 social rented apartments for first-timers

The De Key housing association is developing a residential tower comprising 216 apartments for first-timers. They will be the first of 2,700 apartments to be built close to VU Amsterdam in the years ahead. The apartments are scheduled for completion in 2024.

New university building: quiet now, soon to be buzzing

At the end of 2019, the Vrije Universiteit (VU Amsterdam) proudly presented its new university building, the buzzing and hospitable heart of the campus in De Boelelaan. That pride is still felt – and with good reason. But, because of coronavirus, the Science Faculty is not buzzing yet.

How we keep Zuidas accessible, liveable and safe

With all the cranes in Zuidas, it’s obvious that building work is going on everywhere. At the same time, people are also living and working here. So, how do we keep Zuidas accessible, liveable and safe? Whenever construction or roadworks are planned, we always make prior agreements with the parties involved.

Construction projects

Amsterdam Zuidas is working with various developers and contractors to build a completely new city district. The work involves numerous individual building projects. In its early days, Zuidas was an office location for leading companies, now we want the area to be much more than that. It will be a full, unique neighbourhood where people can live, work, and enjoy recreational activities.

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A peep into Tower Ten through a secret door

Taking the WTC entrance on Zuidplein, we follow a ‘secret’ access route to a completely new tower under construction. From an office, you suddenly find yourself on a building site, where some 32,000 sq. m. are being added to the iconic building.

Zuidasdok construction island ready for the real work

With a construction site now installed in the tight space between the metro tracks, the Zuidasdok builders have embarked on the ‘real work’: the construction of two roof sections that we will be inserting into position in August 2021.

North-western section of Verdi goes green

In a series of subplans, we’re currently in the process of developing the Verdi area, between De Nieuwe Meer and Amstelveensweg. We’re now working on subplan 2, which aims to enhance the green character of the area. Some residents are wondering how we intend to do that.

Winning plans for ‘Zuid Neighbourhood Budget’ announced

Which local neighbourhood initiatives in Zuidas and Buitenveldert should be implemented in the near future? Some 3,053 residents cast their votes in the finals of the Zuid Neighbourhood Budget (Buurtbudget Zuid). There are seven winning initiatives.

Residents call for greener central section in De Boelelaan

Space for greenery and nature. That’s what residents would like to see in the central section of De Boelelaan when the street is re-landscaped. In mid-September 2020, more than 250 residents used an app to share their opinions.

Japanese exotics fight it out in Zuidas

It might not be obvious, but along Piet Kranenbergpad, a battle is currently waging between two Japanese exotics. The Japanese knotweed jumping plant louse is taking on its traditional prey, rampant Japanese knotweed. We’re on the side of the bug.
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