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Loss & Damages Helpdesk

Loss & Damages Helpdesk

Over the years ahead, there will be lots of work taking place in Zuidas, on the Zuidasdok and various other Zuidas projects. As a result, you may find that you suffer loss or damages. If this happens, there are various schemes available that can provide assistance.

There are three types of loss or damage, each of which is dealt with in a different way:

  • Construction damage
  • Planning damage
  • Loss compensation

Construction damage

Any damage caused by building work is referred to as construction damage. This may be damage caused by a machine or lorry that accidentally hits your building or vehicle. Or damage to your home or company property caused when sheet piling is installed or removed. This concerns loss or damage that is a direct consequence of the work.

Planning damage

Planning damage is damage or loss caused by changes to planning decisions. For example, a home or company property may lose value due to a routing decision or a change to the zoning plan. Perhaps your home previously had a view of the park but this will now be obstructed by a block of flats because of a change to the zoning plan. Or, if the road is widened, the noise nuisance caused by the road could permanently increase.

Loss compensation

The development of Zuidas and work on Zuidasdok will both last for several years. You may experience loss or inconvenience during this period of construction. Examples include loss of turnover for your company because of poor accessibility or noise nuisance or a loss of value to your home because it is next to a construction site. In principle, the cost of any such loss is payable by the injured party. Only in the exceptional situation of your company being disproportionately affected will you have the right to compensation for the damage.

Reporting loss or damage

Each type of loss or damage is subject to a specific procedure for processing and there are various conditions concerning payment of compensation. Have you suffered loss or damage as a result of this project and feel you are entitled to loss compensation? If so, please contact us using the form below:

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